New CS5 Submarine for Sale
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Equipment ID   : 2139
Equipment name   : New CS5 Submarine for Sale
Category   : ROVs & Submarines
Specifications   : New CS5 Submarine for Sale
5 persons CS5 Submarine for Sale

General Characteristics
Occupants : 1 plot, 4 passengers
Maximum Operating Depth : 300 meters or 1,140 meters
Operational Autonomy : Up to 12 hours
Type : Dry, 1 atmosphere
Classification : DNV-GL

Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions LxHxW :
415 x 285 x 225 cm
455 x 300 x 235 cm

Weight (ex. passengers) :
7,400 kg (300)
8,900 kg (1,140)

Maximum Allowable Payload : 550kg

Pressure Hull
Pressure Hull Material : Acrylic + Steel
Hatch Type : Top-Hatch

Propulsion Type : Electrical
Propulsion : 6 x 5.5 kW Thrusters
Surface Speed : 2.5 knots
Underwater Speed : 2.5 knots

Life Support Systems
Oxygen System : Continuous Flow
Mission Oxygen Capacity : 5-7 Liter (Quick Exchange)
Carbon Dioxide Removal : 8 hours with Calcium Hydroxide
Survival Period : 96 hours
Emergency CO2 Removal : Lithium Hydroxide Blankets
Autonomous Breathing Devices : 5, 7 or 9 (depending on occupants)
Life Support Monitoring : 2 independent life support monitors (O2 - CO2)

Ballast and Buoyancy Systems

Number of Ballast Tanks : 4
Compressed Air Capacity : 4 x 50 Liter @ 200 bar
Hydraulically Releasable Weight : yes
Buoyancy Tank : yes

Power Capacity

Total Power Capacity : Min. 42 kWh
Battery Type : High Capacity Lithium-ion
Propulsion System Capacity : 4 x 130 VDC Battery Packs
House System Capacity : 4 x 24 VDC Battery Packs
Charging (Optimal Cycle) : 4 - 6 hours
Emergency Battery : 96 hours for Critical Systems

Navigation, Communication, Auxiliary

Air Conditioner System : Min. 7,000 BTU
Underwater Communication : Single sideband acoustic telephone, 25 kHz
Surface Communication : VHF Handheld Unit
Navigation : Echosounder, Magnetic Compass, Electronic Compass
Control System : “MANTA“ controller, “MARLIN“ remote control

Information System
Alarm System, Battery Status, Thruster Status, Sensor Status, Internal
Pressure, Depth, Electrical Insulation Monitoring, Water Ingress Sensors,
Freon Sensor, Buoyancy Tank Level Indicator, Internal and External Temperature

Safety Equipment

Pinger Locator Beacon System, Emergency Releasable Buoy, Maximum Depth
Protection, Dead-man Switch, Fire Extinguisher, External Air Connection for diver-
assisted ascent, Xenon Flasher


Protective Covers for Acrylic Viewports, Checklists and Manuals, Topside
Communication Unit, Charger

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