Expandable Container Camps
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Equipment ID   : 249
Equipment name   : Expandable Container Camps
Category   : Portable Camps/Homes
Specifications   : Expandable Container Camps for sale
3 in 1 Expandable Container Camps
Expandable Container offices

These expandable shelters are for any purpose of use including Operating
Theatres - Offices - Communications units - Accommodation units - 
Workshops - Laundries - Sanitary units - Medical units - operation rooms etc.

The  Expandable Shelter type is a steel sandwich construction, but it
expands from the centre ISO box by pulling out another box. The shelters
can be manufactured both hydraulic and mechanical.

Expendable shelters for military and emergency use  :
Our expendable shelters can be both mechanical and hydraulic.
They can be insulated with any required material according to the 
purpose of use. Applications  of use are as clinics, mobile
hospitals, mobile kitchens, radiologist offices etc. 

Special features available on request: 
We have the capability to design and manufacture shelters with special
requirements for: 
1. Mobile applications i.e. vehicle mounted shelters. 
2. Mechanical jacks for mounting and dismounting shelters from vehicles. 
3. Shelters for site offices, dwelling units, schools, dispensaries etc.

Price & terms : Please enquire using the email form below.

If you cannot find the vessel, crane, rig or equipment that you need,
please send us an email to mail@worldoils.com stating your
requirements and we shall find it for you.

We can arrange delivery of equipment and towage of rigs and vessels where needed.

The details mentioned above are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.

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