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CTU for Sale

2013 Built Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit

1.0 General Description
1.1 All components are brand new and not used.
1.2 All equipment has reasonable load distributing. The whole equipment has
the capacity of shock resistance and rough road running. The unit is suitable
for driving in rough terrain of oil fields and common highway.
1.3 Control system, instrument box and related devices have nice sealing performance,
water proof and shock resistance.
1.4 All equipment is capable of operation in ambient temperatures of -30°C to 45°C.
1.5 All equipment is located reasonable, which is easy for operation, checking and
maintenance, caution marks for deck equipment and completed protection device for
uncovered running components and high temperature components. All discharging ports
point to safety position and are built under standard of HSE.
1.6 All related documents will be provided.
1.7 All equipment is built under the quality standards of API/ASME/NEC/ISO.
1.8 All equipment is well designed and constructed for safety operation of operators. Welding
department should have nice quality and enough strength. Self-lock nuts should be use as
much as possible.
1.9 All electrical circuits have code marks and all hoses have S/No. labels, which is easy
for connection with related connector.
1.10 All hoses and electrical wires are packed steadily, complete with clips for support
and fasten.

2.0 General Structure and Technical Specification

four axle trailer
Power Pack Engine
Control Cabin
Closed Type
ZRT-80K, with 100gooseneck
Reel Assembly
Injector Control Hose
40m (130ft)
Injector Power Hose
40m (130ft)
BOP Control Hose
40m (130ft)
Hydraulic System
Air Circuit System
Electrical System
Lubrication System
Digital Data Acquisition

 The Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit is composed of four axle trailer,hydraulic system,
reel, power pack,injector, injector control hose reel, injector power hose reel, lubrication system,
electrical system, control system, instrument control cabin, wellhead control equipments
and so on. The Trailer Mounted Coiled Tubing Unit is used for many oilfield services applications
like gas lift, acidizing , fracturing and so on.The operation of the Trailer Mounted
Coiled Tubing Unitis centralized in or around the control panel in control cabin, which can ensure
the operator can easily and clearly monitor all control switches, instruments and the working
condition for all systems. Lights are installed above the reel and engine, which are easy
for night working.

CTU Performance Parameters :

Injector Continuous Pulling Capacity
80,000 lbs (36,000Kg)

Injector Continuous Snubbing


40,000 lbs (18,000Kg)
Max. Speed of the Coil Tubing

Total Weight
Approx. 39,000kg(86,000 lbs)
(without tubing and tractor)
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)

pprox.16,000mm × 2,600mm × 4,450mm
(630in × 102in ×175in) (without Tractor)

3.0 Trailer
Frame Rating : 66,000kg (145,500lbs) maximum capacity without trailer
Dimensions : 15,240mm(length) X 2,600mm(width) (600in X 102in)
Gooseneck : 3.5? kingpin
Axles : four axles, 22,700 Lbs /axle. capacity
Tires : sixteen (16):275/70 R22.5
Other : equipped with ABS
Voltage : 12V

4.0 Power Pack
DDC S60 turbocharged diesel engine,525hp@2100rpm,4 stroke, 6 cylinder,
detailed specification is as following :
- Electronic Engine Management System
- Equipped with starter(Anti-explosive battery. Air starter for diesel lubrication of starting device
and 30 gal air receiver tank?12 CF air compressor fixed with engine.Alternator
- Horizontal muffler,with rain cap
- Heavy duty air cleaners (for desert) with restriction indicator
- Equipped with emergency kill
- Bendix 0.37m3/min air compressor and air system that will include an air receiver, air dryer,
water separator, air filter, bleed valves, check valves, control valves, gauges and hoses.
Air compressor will maintain 0.8 Mpa in the air receiver tank.In addition, a connection will be
provided for remote charging of the air tank.
- Spark arrestor and Emergency shut off system
- Diesel oil tank Volume: 500L
- Hydraulic system:
- Main hydraulic system: injector is driven by variable displacement, axial hydraulic pumps.
- Tubing reel driven hydraulic system: independent hydraulic pump will provide power
for the coiled tubing reel drive motor.

- Auxiliary hydraulic system: separate pressure compensating pump provides power
for following system :
hose reel hydraulic motor, level wind hydraulic motor, level wind lifting  hydraulic cylinder,
injector traction and tension system, BOP control system.
Level wind compelling hydraulic motor
Level wind height control hydraulic cylinder
Flexible Hose hydraulic motor
Control cabin lifting cylinder
BOP hydraulic cylinder
Injector chain tension system
Injector chain traction system
Injector speed adjustment system

Handle pump system: handle pump system is installed in control cabin, which is used
to provide emergency power for BOP ram, stripper and injector chain traction system
- Energy accumulator system: this system is installed in hydraulic power pack.
4 high pressure nitrogen reservoirs can provide spare power for BOP control system.
- The capacity of each accumulator is 10 gallons ( 37.85L)
- Except above mentioned parts, the hydraulic system also contains followings :
Hydraulic Oil tank with temperature gauge and level indicator.
Gauges of hydraulic pressure
Oil cooling system
Hydraulic system returning loop filter
Necessary pressure relief valve, safety valve and hydraulic hose
- The hydraulic power pack is skid mounted and has a four point lift protective frame.
- Carbon steel hydraulic oil tank capacity: 650L

5.0 Control Cabin
- The unit will be fully operational from the operator’s control cabin with the use of
mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls.
- The control cabin will have four hydraulically lift cylinders to elevate the cabin for
ease of visibility over the tubing reel.
- Long type control cabin. The long type cabin is professionally designed for quiet
comfort and to provide a safe operating environment for the operator and customer.
- This control cabin design will feature :
- Door will have heavy duty lockable latch
- Safety glass installed on all four sides of control cabin : front window with safety
guard screen and windscreen wiper,  the back side door with fixed  window and 
both sides supplied with large area emergency slide windows
- A complete lighting and electrical system with all necessary plugs and switches
will be installed.
- Operator’s chairs, etc. will be installed in the control cabin.
- Heavy-duty rubber insulated floor covering, fire resistant.
- The Control Cabin will be heated and cooled by a high capacity rear mount air
conditioning and heating unit. The air conditioning and heating unit shall provide
adequate cooling and heating for the operating temperature range of the unit.
- Four (4) flood work lights will be installed on the outside of the
Control Cabin (two (2) at the rear facing the tubing reel and
two (2) in the front).

- Standard equipment in the control cabin will be :
Stainless steel console and panels
- LED Internal indirect lighting system
- Captain’s chair mounted behind control console
- Control cabin is equipped with external alarm horn controlled from the
control cabin.
- All hydraulic connections to and from the control cabin will be via a
hydraulic bulkhead.
- An air driven pump used to deliver 5,000 psi to the stripper over the 3000 psi system
pressure. This pump also has a handle and can be used as a second
manual back-up pump.
- A full control console will be installed in this cabin. This console will be of
stainless steel construction and be fully labeled with all gauge and control information.
The panel will be mounted on an engineered fabricated housing that incorporates the
back-up pump, hydraulic valves, interface, etc.

- The following controls and gauges will be installed in this control console:
Weight indicator to be Metric (Kilograms) and pounds
Well head pressure gauge in Megapascals or PSI
Circulation pressure gauge in Megapascals or PSI

Engine controls and gauges :
Engine EDM Display Module to provide the following information :
tachometer/hourmeter readout
engine oil pressure & temperature readouts
water (coolant) temperature readouts
Engine throttle
Engine normal stop
Engine emergency stop
System air pressure
Fuel level gauge

- Injector controls :
In/out control hydraulic joystick with friction detent
- Speed control regulator valve for maximum and minimum injector motor
displacement contr
- Three sets of the traction circuit valves to secure the traction of the coiled tubing.
These valves are indicated as upper, middle and lower allowing
- Each traction control valve has an individual pressure gauge
- Traction pressure regulator valve with regulated pressure indicator
- Chain tension control valve with individual pressure indication, “Pressure,
Run and Dump”
- Chain tension regulator valve
- Injector drive pressure gauge glycerin filled
- Injector Emergency Brake control

BOP controls :
- BOP ram/auxiliary control bank valve – quantity of nine (9).
- BOP safety control valve
- Stripper packer hydraulic control valve and a quantity of two (2) pressure gauges
- Installed at base of control panel will be two (2) hydraulic hand pumps
with auxiliary hydraulic reservoirs
- Tubing reel controls and gauges :
Tubing weight indicator
Tubing reel tension (speed) control valve
Tubing lubricator control
Additional cabin controls and information:
Light switch
All pressure gauges to be Metric (Megapascals) or PSI

6.0 Tubing Reel
Tubing reel is installed in the trailer and adopts embedded structure. The parameters are :
Tubing Reel Flange O.D. – 150″
Core Dia. of Drum: – 78″
Tubing Reel Width – 78″
Max. Reel Capacity 2″– 6300m

Reel Support Frame
The reel supports are fixed a-frames that are skid mounted and attached to the trailer
via pins. Each a-frame includes a bearing carrier which is pad mounted on the top
each a-frame upright to provide spool change capability. This feature allows the reel
to be either raised out of or lowered into operating position from one location.

Reel Drive
The driving system of the tubing reel includes motor and gearbox, which are installed
on the road side of the trailer. Complete with one quick joints connection plate, which
is easy for the connection of the reel and hydraulic power.

Rotating Joint and High Pressure Manifold
The high pressure manifold includes swivel joint, piping. Rotating swivel joint and
piping will have a maximum working pressure of 15,000 psi, integral figure 1502 union
will be flanged to inside of pump-through shaft for connection to tubing.
Level Wind :
Level wind assembly will allow tubing angle to vary from a minimum of 10° up to a
maximum of 85° elevation (from horizontal), and is raised and lowered via
hydraulic cylinders. Pivoting guide is designed to allow easy tubing installation.
Pivoting guide can be used with either mechanical or electronic encoder for
counting tubing depth metering. The tubing counter will adopt a “V” Roller design
to accommodate tubing sizes from 1 ¼″to 2 7/8″O.D. tubing. The mechanically
controlled level wind system will track down from 1 ¼″to 2 7/8″ tubing during
pay-in / pay-out operations and includes a manual override control.
Lubrication System :
A remote control pneumatic tubing lubrication system mounted at the rear of the
counter. The lube oil reservoir is located between the tubing reel and power hose reel.

7.0 Hydraulic Power Hose Reel and Hose
- One BOP control hose reel has 20 ports. Length of the control hose is 40 m (130 feet).
- One injector control hose reel has 20 ports. Length of the control hose is 40 m (130 feet).
- One injector power hose reel has 2 sets 1-1/2″X 40m (130 ft), 5000psi hose.
- This hose reel is hydraulic driven with local hydraulic control valve.

8.0 Injector Head
- Model:JR-ZRT80K
- Continuous Pull Capacity:80,000 lbs
- Continuous Snubbing Capacity:40,000 lbs
- Maximum Speed:190ft/min

Patent grippers adopt removable design. Suitable for coiled tubing size from 1.25″to3.5″.
This injector is capable of 2″OD Coiled Tubing.

- Out frame support can bear 90,000lbs snubbing or pulling load.
- Dual planetary gear transmissions are designed specifically for coiled tubing unit application.
- 2 sets of variable displacement, axial piston hydraulic motors.
- Counterbalance safety valves are installed in hydraulic motor or distribution manifold.

Modular brakes are mounted between the motors and gearboxes and are spring
applied/pressure released.

- All chain gears have induction high hardness gear.
- Spline top drive has fixed axis and chain gears.
- Inline bearing traction system is suitable for traction strength reaches top and
the grippers will have no dislocation.
- 3 sets(6 each traction oil cylinder adopt inside installation design.
- Pocket accumulator is installed in traction loop.
Injector chain lube system is activated by chain running. Completed with measuring pump
can realize best lubrication and less lube oil waste.
- Fold down walkways will be provided.
- A fall protection device will be provided on the injector
- 100″gooseneck

9.0 Wellhead Equipment (Optional)
All the wellhead control equipments are J&N make.

9.1 BOP -4.06"
For 2” Coiled Tubing
Working Pressure:10,000 PSI
H2S service. All metals in contact with well fluids per NACE MR-01-75
Top End:4.06” 10,000 BX-155 Studded Flange
Lower End:4.06” 10,000 BX-155 Open Flange
Side Outlet:2.06” 10,000 BX-152 Studded Flange

9.2 Side Door Stripper- 4.06"
For 2” Coiled Tubing
Working Pressure:10,000 PSI
H2S service. All metals in contact with well fluids per NACE MR-01-75

9.2 Side Door Stripper- 4.06"
For 2” Coiled Tubing
Working Pressure:10,000 PSI
H2S service. All metals in contact with well fluids per NACE MR-01-75

10.0 Digital Data Acquisition Package (CTDASP)
- JK-CTDASP integrates standard Coiled Tubing Data Acquisition System with a
personal computer interface and is preloaded with report software and designed
for operator convenience and portable applications in harsh oil field environments.
- This new system provides customers with a single integrated solution where
previously a DAS suitcase, a laptop PC computer and related software programs
were required to perform the same job.

- This CTDASP system, with the software that is installed is capable of 
accepting/processing the following data from the unit mounted sensors :
Coil Tubing Depth and Speed
Circulating Pressure
Well head pressure
Fluid Pumping Rate/Total
Any other additional information

- Data Acquisition Software have the following features:
Local real time data and time indication
Real-time recording
Append and pause files during operation
Multiple channels input
User-defined X-Axis
Zoom and scroll functions on graph
Elapsed time and reset
Process real time/replay data

10.1 Software Function
- Display real time data by real time numerical value
- Display real time data by curve
- Download historical data in memory card
- Separate historical data into different data document according to time interval
- Display curve by horizontal and vertical ordinate, user can choose favorite one
- Check data easily: the real time data and historical data display by curve and data
- Dynamic loading historic data, reappear site job condition
- Easy for choosing coordinate axis
- Coordinate axis can be added and deleted, no effect for data curve
- Data curve can be adjusted to display and hide, easy for data analysis
- Coordinate axis can be zoomed and rolled, check data curve by rolling coordinate axis
- Supply command of Zoom to Fit for all coordinate axis
- In support of common printer, as well virtual PDF printer, can print curve and 
data into PDF Form

11.0 Painting
- All steel parts will be sand blasted to white metal
- Primer will be zinc rich
- Middle paint
- Surface will be industrial polyurethane paint
- The painting color will be confirmed by customer. the control cabin color is white

12.0 Documentations
- Operation and maintenance manual for skid mounted coiled tubing unit.
- OEM Operation and maintenance manual for diesel engine.
- Manufacturer’s installation operation and maintenance literature for all CTU’s major parts.
- Qualified certificate of equipment conformance to customer specifications.
- Qualified inspection certificate of equipment.

13.0 Tools and Spare Parts
Digital Multimeter 1 Pc
13 pieces electron tools kid 1 Set
Metric Combination Wrenches Kit (8-24mm ) 1 Set
English Combination Wrenches Kit(1/4"-7/8" ) 1 Set
Metric Inner Hexagon Spanner Kit(1.5-14mm) 1 Set
English Inner Hexagon Spanner Kit(1/16”-3/8”) 1 Set
Monkey Wrench(12”) 1 Pc
Special Handle Grease Gun 1 Pc
Hydraulic Oil Tank Return Oil Filter Element 1 Set
Hydraulic Oil Tank Suction Filter 1 Set
Engine Oil Filter 1 Set
Engine Diesel Filter 2 Set
Engine Air Filter 1 Set

14.0 Warranty
Warranty period for the unit is one year (from the day the unit arrived at the customer’s).

15.0 After sales services
We will provide After-Sales Service in the capacity of spare parts procurement.
In the event that parts become obsolete, We will assist in locating suitable replacements.

Price & terms : Please enquire using the email form below.

If you cannot find the vessel, crane, rig or equipment that you need,
please send us an email to stating your
requirements and we shall find it for you.

We can arrange delivery of equipment and towage of rigs and vessels where needed.

The details mentioned above are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed

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