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Oil & Gas Job News
   (1):5 Feb 2016:U.S. oil and gas industry sheds 100,000 jobs since price slump (
   (2):2 Feb 2016:Songa Offshore closes in Aberdeen and Korea, 200 jobs to go (
   (3):1 Feb 2016:Jobless benefit claims keep rising in Alaska oil and gas sector (
   (4):26 Jan 2016:Oil and gas execs predict job cuts, with little left to... (
   (5):25 Jan 2016:Oil patch may lose another 20,000 jobs by mid-year (
   (6):24 Jan 2016:Global oil prices slump set to cause 40 job losses in Barrow (
   (7):22 Jan 2016:Schlumberger cuts 10,000 jobs amid oil price rout (
   (8):22 Jan 2016:Schlumberger cuts 10,000 jobs as oil price slump continues (
   (9):15 Jan 2016:Odfjell Drilling to make 230 job losses in Norway (
   (10):14 Jan 2016:SandRidge cuts 226 jobs at oil-field services company (
   (11):13 Jan 2016:Federal Reserve says $30 oil will hurt Texas' job growth (
   (12):13 Jan 2016:BP to axe 1 in 5 North Sea jobs as oil giant cuts... (
   (13):12 Jan 2016:Petrofac says 160 jobs at risk under shake-up (
   (14):12 Jan 2016:GCC oil and gas jobs show resilience (
   (15):9 Jan 2016:More layoffs on the horizon for Malaysian oil & gas sector (
   (16):9 Jan 2016:Summit Natural Gas of Maine to cut 21 jobs (
   (17):6 Jan 2016:No crisis in North Sea oil jobs, MSP claims (
   (18):5 Jan 2016:Oil glut undercuts Louisiana jobs (
   (19):5 Jan 2016:Oil and gas job salaries drop by 12% in one year (
   (20):1 Jan 2016:More job cuts expected for oil workers in 2016 (
   (21):31 Dec 2015:More job cuts expected for oil workers in 2016 (
   (22):29 Dec 2015:Dallas Fed estimates 70,000 oil industry job losses in US since 2014 (
   (23):20 Dec 2015:Oil industry to lose 100,000 jobs by the end of 2015 (
   (24):19 Dec 2015:Oil industry to lose 100,000 jobs by the end of 2015 (
   (25):14 Dec 2015:Royal Dutch Shell plans 2,800 job cuts after BG deal (BBC).
   (26):5 Dec 2015:Oil rout and OPEC reverse surge in energy jobs market (
   (27):3 Dec 2015:New North Sea jobs warning as oil price stays low (
   (28):2 Dec 2015:Schlumberger to cut more jobs as drilling downturn bites (
   (29):28 Nov 2015:Canada job vacancies rise in Q2, best opportunities in west (Reuters).
   (30):21 Nov 2015:Oil bust erases quarter-million jobs across the world (
   (31):15 Nov 2015:SOCAR to open up to 12,000 permanent jobs (
   (32):4 Nov 2015:Weir earmarks 400 more job cuts as crude price fall takes toll (
   (33):28 Oct 2015:BP says thousands of jobs will go as low oil... (
   (34):27 Oct 2015:Omani trade unions to discuss oil sector job cuts (
   (35):19 Oct 2015:Oil explorers predict 10,000 more job losses in North Sea sector (
   (36):12 Oct 2015:Santos to cut 200 jobs from eastern Australian business (
   (37):8 Oct 2015:DSU reaches out to oil field workers through Bakken U (
   (38):2 Oct 2015:Texas lost 28,300 oilfield jobs since December (
   (39):18 Sep 2015:UAE oil and gas jobs on the wane amid price rout... (
   (40):12 Sep 2015:Drilling company PHX Energy Services cuts half... (
   (41):10 Sep 2015:UK's oil and gas industry braces for further job cuts (
   (42):7 Sep 2015:North Sea loses 5,500 jobs in oil market downturn (
   (43):3 Sep 2015:ConocoPhillips to cut 10% jobs to counter oil price rout (
   (44):1 Sep 2015:35,000 jobs lost already in Alberta's oilpatch... (
   (45):31 Aug 2015:Thousands of North Sea oil jobs at risk as platform builder... (
   (46):26 Aug 2015:GE plans to cut jobs and close foundry at Lufkin oil-field... (Energy Business Review).
   (47):25 Aug 2015:Low oil prices hitting jobs at oil giants in New Orleans area (
   (48):17 Aug 2015:Oil price crash claims 1,000 jobs in North Sea (
   (49):12 Aug 2015:Norway engineers look to Statoil dividend to save oil jobs (
   (50):10 Aug 2015:Halliburton, Baker Hughes cut more jobs in 2Q (
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