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Oil & Gas Job News
   (1):5 Aug 2020:Nearly third of oil and gas jobs in Canada will be fully automated... (
   (2):28 Jul 2020:LNG industry could bring 100,000 jobs to Canada (
   (3):25 Jul 2020:Oil services giant Schlumberger says 21,000 jobs to go (
   (4):5 Jul 2020:Oilfield service job losses near 90,000, data shows (
   (5):27 Jun 2020:ExxonMobil readies to make major job cuts (
   (6):25 Jun 2020:Shetland Energy Hub aims for hundreds of jobs and to make... (
   (7):19 Jun 2020:Nearly 85,000 jobs in U.S. oilfield services lost to oil crisis (
   (8):19 Jun 2020:Saudi Arabias oil giant cuts hundreds of jobs amid price collapse (
   (9):13 Jun 2020:U.S. oil, gas jobs lost since lockdowns estimated at 100,000-plus... (
   (10):12 Jun 2020:Centrica, owner of British Gas, to cut 5,000 jobs (
   (11):10 Jun 2020:Kuwait to stop hiring foreign workers for oil sector (
   (12):8 Jun 2020:BP reportedly plans to cut 10,000 jobs amid oil price drop (
   (13):30 May 2020:US pipeline operator Energy Transfer warns of... (
   (14):28 May 2020:Oil and gas industry reports record-breaking job losses in April (
   (15):26 May 2020:Biden offshore drilling ban would kill 200,000 jobs... (
   (16):15 May 2020:Another 1,000 Texas oil & gas jobs vanish (
   (17):29 Apr 2020:Coronavirus: 30,000 jobs could be lost in UK oil and gas industry (
   (18):28 Apr 2020:Coronavirus: Thousands of North Sea oil and gas jobs under threat (
   (19):7 Apr 2020:Calgary-based Trican Well Service cuts jobs, salaries as low oil prices... (
   (20):4 Apr 2020:IEA: Oil price collapse could leave 50 million jobless (
   (21):26 Mar 2020:More than 1 million oil workers are set to lose their jobs this year... (
   (22):24 Mar 2020:Woodside cuts jobs, more feared (
   (23):21 Mar 2020:Apache cutting dozens of jobs in Midland (
   (24):20 Mar 2020:U.S. oil industry could end up losing more than 200,000 jobs (
   (25):19 Feb 2020:Kuwait looks to nationalize all senior oil jobs by 2021 (
   (26):16 Feb 2020:New BP boss Bernard Looney preparing to cut jobs as... (
   (27):9 Feb 2020:Tullow job cuts in Kenya deepen oil export doubts (
   (28):7 Feb 2020:Tullow to cut 40% jobs in Kenya, focus on investment decision (
   (29):11 Jan 2020:Permian Basin jobs grow as oil and gas production booms... (
   (30):10 Jan 2020:Apache, 2 other Houston oil companies cut nearly 600 jobs (
   (31):28 Dec 2019:Wyoming oil and gas jobs down 700 compared with 2018 (
   (32):22 Dec 2019:Colorados oil and gas employment tumbles for first time... (
   (33):16 Dec 2019:Petronas to award more jobs in next three years (
   (34):4 Dec 2019:Pipeline crisis forces Canadian oil giants to cut jobs (
   (35):30 Nov 2019:Liquefied natural gas facilities expected to bring thousands... (
   (36):19 Nov 2019:Gulfport Energy to cut jobs, halt share buybacks (Reuters).
   (37):18 Nov 2019:GE will close Georgia plant; 200 jobs at stake (
   (38):4 Nov 2019:Coal jobs are about to take another hit (
   (39):23 Oct 2019:Dozens reportedly laid off by Husky Energy in Calgary (
   (40):16 Oct 2019:U.S. oil and gas jobs fall as drilling declines (
   (41):15 Oct 2019:Jobs at stake after Tamarind Resources end contract... (
   (42):11 Oct 2019:Oil giant slashes jobs amid shale slowdown (
   (43):17 Sep 2019:Suspension of $300m offshore Taranaki drilling programme... (
   (44):13 Sep 2019:U.S. oil and gas jobs fall as shale boom cools... (
   (45):13 Jul 2019:Texas oil and gas industry now supports 1 in 6 jobs, study says (
   (46):7 Jul 2019:Houma-Thibodaux has lost 2,900 jobs over past year (
   (47):28 Jun 2019:3,000 jobs in Canada oil industry gone in a month (
   (48):20 Jun 2019:BLM: Proposed Wyoming drilling project could create 6,400 jobs (
   (49):19 Jun 2019:Germanys Siemens to cut 2,700 jobs (
   (50):24 May 2019:Permian Basin oil producer cuts 230 jobs (
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