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If you cannot find the new or used offshore rigs, vessels or equipment of any type, size or make that you are looking for, please send us an email to and we shall offer you.

Offshore Tug Supply Vessel
Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace    Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace

Equipment ID   : 227
Equipment name   : Offshore Tug Supply Vessel
Category   : Ships/Vessels
Sub Category   : Supply/Utility Vessel
Specifications   : Offshore Tug/Supply Vessel for Sale  
OSV For Sale

Built : 1983
Classification : Lloyd's: +100A, +E1 tug/supply "Offshore Rug/Supply Vessel" LMC UMS

Cargo Capacities
Dead Weight  :  
1700 tons at 5.98 m, draught (=S).
1600 tons at 5.86 m, draught (=W).
Deck cargo : 500 tons
Clear deck space : 38.5 x 11 m, total: 423.5 sqm
Deck strength :  
forw. frame 45 ; 5t/sqm
aft of frame 45 ; 7t/sqm
Fuel oil : 582.0 cbm
Base oil (max)  : 263.0 cbm
Drill water : 420.0 cbm
Liquid mud/brine : 470.0 cbm (3000bbls)
Potable water : 453.0 cbm
Dry bulk      
2 tanks 62.3 cbm
2 tanks 65.7 cbm
Total: 256 cbm

(direct diesel drive)
Main engines :  
2 MWM four-cycle Diesel engines
Type: MWM TBD 510 L8, total 9,280 BHP
Propellers : 2 C.P. propellers in fixed nozzles
Bow thruster : C.P. thruster, 680 BHP, 500 Kw, Lips, electric driven
Thrust : 10 tons
Bollard pull :  108 tons
Generators :  
Two shaft generators type AEG 687 KVA
Two diesel generators type AEG 330 KVA
Power supplly :  
450V - 3 phase - 60 Hz
230 - AC - 60 Hz
24V - DC
To cargodeck consumers / container plugs
1 x 450V / 3 phase / 63 Amp CEE 440V
1 x 450V / 3 phase / 25 Amp CEE 440V
Speed  : Max 15.5 knots
Fuel consumption in tons/day :
10 knots at 6.2 tons
12 knots at 12.5 tons
Rudders : 2 x "flap" type, synchronically controlled
Miscellaneous :  
Sewage plant, fuel oil separator, luboil separator, Halon fire
smothering equipment in engine room, fully equipped workshop

Navigation Equipment
Joystick  : AEG-Geopos
Gyro Compass : Anschutz - Standard 6
Magnetic Compass : AP Navigator Dantronik
Autopilot :  Anschutz 102 834N6
Radar 1 :  Decca Racal - Bridgemaster
Radar 2 :  Furuno FR 1221 NS
Radio Dir. Finder :  Koden KS 540 K
Navtex :  J.R.C, N.C.R, 300A
GPS Navigation :  J.R.C, Raystar 920
Decca Navigator :  AP Dantronik
Echo Sounder :  Atlas Echograph 48

Communication Equipment
Radiotel, MF/HF Transmitter :  Sailor T1127L
Watchreceiver (distress) :  Sailor R501
Life-boat radio  :  Skanti-TRP 1
VHF 1   :  Sailor RT146 Duplex
VHF 2   :  Sailor RT146 Duplex
Satcom C :  Capsat Thrance & Thrane 3020B
Walky Talky  :  3 x ICOM IC-M12H
VHF Comm. 2000(airplanes) :  Becker Flugfunk
EPIRB :  Jotron-305Mk II
Internal Comm. System : A.E.G./Phonico P-2591
Mobile phone (for network communication)
STRT : Jotron-Tronsart

Crew : 12 single cabins;  1 x 2 + 2 x 4 person cabins
Passengers : 10.1 x 2 + 2 x 4 per cabins
Recreation room : 1 x 16.0 sqm
Messroom : 1 x 21.0 sqm
Accomodatgion fully air conditioned/heated

Refrigerated Storage Capacity
Cold Store : 8.3 cbm at -20°C
Cooled store : 8.5 cbm at +4°C

Deck Machinery
Windlass : Hydraulic driven max. pull 16 tons
Anchors/chain : 2 x 21 shackles (32 m/m chain) + 1.5 tons anchor
Deepsea Anchor  :  Drum with 1500m, 36m/m wire + 1.5 tons anchor
Capstans :  2 x hydraulic driven max pull 11 tons
Tuggers   :  2 x hydraulic driven max pull 7/11.4 tons
Towing/AH winch  :  Hydraulic driven
Towing drum : capacity 1650 m of 76 mm diam wire
2 x AH drum : capacity 1000 m of 62 mm diam wire max pull 250 tons
Wildcats :  Max. pull 250 tons. 3"
Crane : Electric Hydraulic SWL 2 tons 8 mtr
Storage reels :  
2 hydraulic driven
capacity 1200 m of 70 mm. diam
1500 m. of 62 m. diam
length 4.0 m. diam. 1.85 m
Stopperpins :  
2 hydraulic driven (remote controlled)
Make:Karmoy, ......tons SWL
Guide Pins :  
2 hydraulic remote controlled pins Karmoy,
2 hydraulic romote controlled

Cargo Pumps/Discharge Rates
Exact rates are depending on discharge height to the platform and piping lay out on the platform.
Dry bulk : 2 compressors: 15sqm/hr (bar)
Barite : approx. 60 tons/hr
Bentonite : approx. 60 tons/hr
Cement : approx. 60 tons/hr
Fuel oil  : 1 x 150sqm/hr. at 75 m.l.c. (8.8bar)
Drillwater : 1 x 150sqm/hr. at 75 m.l.c. (8.8bar)
Potatble water  :  1 x 150sqm/hr. at 75 m.l.c. (8.8bar)
Liquid mud : 2 x discharge/circulation pumps.
Capacity : 80sqm/hr. at 75 head (18 bar)
Brine : 1 x 80 sqm. at 75 m.l.c.
Base oil  : 1 x 80 sqm/hr. at 75 m.l.c. (9 bar)
Couplings : Weco or Avery Hardol. 4" (   bar)

This vessel specification is given in good faith and assumed to be correct.

Price & terms : Please enquire using the email form below.

If you cannot find the vessel, crane, rig or equipment that you need,
please send us an email to mail@worldoils.com stating your
requirements and we shall find it for you.

We can arrange delivery of equipment and towage of rigs and vessels where needed.

The details mentioned above are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.

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Offshore Tug Supply Vessel for sale

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If you cannot find the new or used offshore rigs, vessels or equipment of any type, size or make that you are looking for, please send us an email to and we shall offer you.

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