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Pipelay Derrick Barge 3000 Ton for Sale
Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace    Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace

Equipment ID   : 699
Equipment name   : Pipelay Derrick Barge 3000 Ton for Sale
Category   : Ships/Vessels
Sub Category   : Pipelayer
Specifications   :

Pipelay Derrick Barge for sale
Newbuilding Barge for Sale - 3000t & 2000t
New building Pipelaying Barge for Sale

1. Introduction
The vessel is non-propelled shallow water pipelay barge. Pipe laying water depths
will be up to 300 m. the firing line be provided starboard on main deck. The pipe crane
be provided for pipe transfer and store.

The 2000T/3000T slewing crane will be installed on aft deck. Deck house will be on
the forecastle deck.

The barge has fully air-conditioned accommodation for up to 310 people in cabins
all with individual bathroom facilities. There are conference room, offices, gymnasium
and recreation rooms. Separate well equipped laundry facilities are available for use.
The barge has a well equipped medic room with hospital.

The barge will be designed for worldwide unrestricted service with exclusion of
Arctic waters. Primary operational area will be all shallow water area less than 300m.

2. Classification / Registration
2.1 Class
The barge, which including the hull, engine, electrical and special equipments, shall
satisfy the latest requirements of the current international convention, regulations and
ABS rules and regulations, and enter into the classification, obtaining the following class
A1 CRC Derrick/Pipelay Barge

2.2 Rules and Regulations
The latest revision of the rules, regulations and certificates of the classifying and
governing authortities shall be applied.

Following international convention and regulations will be complied :

1. ABS Rules for Classification and Building of Steel Barges.
2. International Convention on tonnage Measurements 1967/1969.
3. International Convention of the Prevention of Collisions at Sea 1972, including
4. International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, Consolidated Edition 2004
    including all amendments in force.
5. International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, 1973,
    Protocol of 1978 Relating and Amendments of 1992 (MARPOL)73/78
6. IMO code on noise levels on board ships, A 468 . X11
7. International Convention on Load Lines, 1966
8. International Telecommunication and Radio Regulator of 1973/1976 and 1982
    including latest GMDSS-rules for radio communication.
9. International Electronical Commission, electrical Installation in Ship
10. ILO Convention for Crew Accommodation on Board Ships
11. ILO Convention regarding Safety of Working on Board Ships

2.3 Certificates
The following certificates will be available :
1. Classification Certificate for Hull
2. International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate
3. International Tonnage Certificate
4. International Load Line Certificate
5. Ship Safety Radio Certificate
6. Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
7. Lifting Appliances Certificate
8. Live Saving Equipment Certificate
9. Seaworthiness Certificate
10. Crew Accommondation Certificate

3. General Specification
3.1 Design Conditions
3.1.1 Operating Modes  
  The Ship shall be designed for the following operations :
     • Pipe laying operations with a single joint S-lay system
     • Heavy lifting operations.

3.1.2 Environmental Conditions
  Pipelaying Conditions
  The vessel will be able to continue operations in the following environmental
  conditions :
     • Wind speed : Vw = 16 [m/s]
     • Significant wave height : Hs = 2.5 [m]
     • Wave period (peak) : Tp = 6.0 – 12.0 [s]
     • Current speed : Vc = 1.5 [kn]
     • Spectrum type : Jonswap
     • Heading : 0°-360°

3.1.3 Design Temperatures and Humidity
  The following design temperatures are considered for the design :
     Maximum ambient air temperature : +45 ºC @ 90% relative humidity
     Minimum ambient air temperature : -15 ºC
     Max. seawater temperature : +32 ºC
     Min. seawater temperature : -2 ºC
     Maximum internal temperature in all s paces : 25 ºC
     (except the engine rooms)

  The accommodation HVAC system shall be designed according the following :

  Summer condition :
     • Ambient 40ºC@ 70% RH
     • Maintained 25ºC ±1@ 50% RH
  Winter condition :
     • Ambient -20ºC @ 30% RH
     • Maintained 20±1ºC @ 30-40% RH
Fresh air supply should not be less than 28.8cbm/h.

3.2 Principal Dimensions
Length overall (LOA) excl. stinger : 169.00 m
Breadth (moulded) : 46.00 m
Depth moulded to main deck : 13.50 m
Operational draught : 7.00-9.00 m
Max displacement : 63,594 t (approx.)
Ballast capacity : 35,000 cbm
Fuel oil capacity : 4,000 cbm
Potable water capacity : 3,000 cbm
Accommodation cabin 310 beds

3.3 General Description
The vessel will be a steel, all welded barge with a helicopter platform will be
situated at forecastle deck.
  One (1) full revolving crane to be installed in the after area of deck.
  Summary of arrangement of decks is as following :

3.3.1 Under Double Bottom
Double bottom will be constructed between the two longitudinal bulkheads. There
will be some ballast tank, fuel oil tank, lubricate oil tank, sewage and dirty oil tank etc, in
the double bottom, and pipe tunnel will be at the each side of it.

3.3.2 On Double Bottom
There will be engine room, pump room, ballast water tank, fuel oil tank etc.

3.3.3 Middle Deck
Fore and aft side tank will be arranged as mooring position winch room. Middle
side tank will be as ballast water tank, ECR, CO2 room, store room, refrigerant,
air-condition, refrigerator etc.

3.3.4 Main Deck
Main deck is a continuous deck. The 2000T/3000T slewing crane will be situated
on the aft deck. The pipelaying work room will be on the starboard deck from aft end to
fore. Port side of the forecastle will be accommodation area. There will be hospital,
change room, shower room, laundry, drying room etc.

3.3.5 A Deck
A deck will be in the forecastle as accommodation quarters. There will be galley,
air-condition room will also be in this area.

3.3.6 B Deck
There will be twenty- eight (28) 4P cabins,air-condition room, lavatory, laundry,
drying room on the B deck.

3.3.7 C Deck
There will be twenty- one (21) 4P cabins, thirteen (13) 2P cabins, air-condition
room, lavatory, laundry, drying room on the C deck.

3.3.8 D Deck
There will be thirty-four (34) 2P cabins,air-condition room, lavatory, laundry, drying
room on the D deck.

3.3.9 E Deck
There will be four (4) 2P cabins, twlve (12) 1P cabin, meeting room, and lavatory,
laundry on the E deck.

3.3.10 F Deck
A central control room will be on the F deck. In the control room there will be
navigation console, mooring position console, ballast water console.

3.3.11 Helicopter Deck
The helicopter platform will be at the fore end of the barge. It is suitable for
SIKORSKY S-61N to take off and landing. Communication and navigation equipment,
leading light, skid-proof grid, draining system will be fitted on the platform.

4. Outfitting Part
4.1 Navigation Anchor
Two sets of navigation anchor equipments to be arranged on the B-deck. An
anchor, anchor chain cable, chain stopper, hawse pipe, chain pipe and windlass to be
included in every set.

  4.1.1 Anchor
  Weight : 12900 kg

  4.1.2 The Combined Windlass
  The vessel will be equipped with two windlasses with type of combined windlass.
  Each windlass contains one declutchable cable lifter, declutchable mooring drum and
  warping end

4.2 Mooring equipment
  4.2.1 The Mooring Winch
  The vessel is equipped with two double drum hydraulic mooring winches, arranged
  on the main deck of stern.

  4.2.2 Hydraulic Multifuction Winch
  The vessel is equipped with five hydraulic multifunction winches totally. Two of the
  winches are arranged on the middle of main deck and one above the firing line of stern.

4.3 Positioning System
A twelve point positioning system be installed.
The twelve point positioning system consist of :
Twelve single drum winches (1100kN rating force each)(Maker: ZPMC)
2500 m Ø 76 mm wires
Twelve (12) 12T anchors

4.4 Lifesaving Equipment
  4.4.1 Lifesaving Boat
  Enough lifesaving boats and rafts will be arranged on each side of B deck.Which
  satisfy the SOLAS requirements.

5 Propulsion, Generators/Aux. Equipment
5.1 Electrical installation

General requirements
The electrical equipment is suitable for a humid, salt laden atmosphere and proof
against vibrations and accelerations normal to a marine environment.

  The following electric systems are installed on board:
  440 V, 60 Hz, 3 ph. For vessel’s auxiliaries, pipelay system, cranes and winches
  220 V, 60 Hz, for lighting an small consumers
  24 V, DC for alarm, main diesel control,engine room alarms

5.2 Generators
Main generators(Maker : Hyundai)
The four generators are of the brushless type, totally enclosed construction, suitable for
parallel operation.

Main data :
Type : HYUNDAI Diesel Engine 8H25/33, Generator HFC714-84K
Rated voltage : 450 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase
Rated power : 2256KW each

Emergency generator(Maker : Caterpillar)
The emergency generator is of the brushless type, air cooled.

Main data :
TypeFCaterpillar 3406 DITA
Nominal voltage : 450 V , 60 Hz, 3 phase
Rated power : 315 KW

5.3 Auxiliary equipment
The following auxiliary equipment is installed:
• Sewage treatment unit
• Incinerator
• Watermakers
• Sprinkler system
• Starting air compressors
• Barge air compressors
• MDO separator / purifier
• Bilge water separator
• Refrigeration plant
• HVAC plant
• Compactor
• Workshop equipment
• Pumps
• Fan
• Fifi pump

6 Electrical Equipment

6.1 General Principle
  (1) The main electrical equipment will be to comply with the marine environmental
       conditions and to have ABS certificate.
  (2) The marine cables temperature class will be to permitted in 85°C.The power
       cables conductor cross-section of less than 1.5mm2 and the lighting and control cables
       conductor cross-section of less than 1mm2 are not to be used.

6.2 General Rule

Main generator
Emergency generator
Ballast Pump

6.3 Lighting and Illumination
The lighting lamp and control device will be to install according as the requirement
of various places

6.4 Inner Communication and Alarm
The following equipment is installed :
The command telephone
Daily service telephone
Public address system
Radio / TV antenna and satellite communication / TV device
Engineers call system
Refrigerating chamber call system
Sick bay call system
Local area network
Fire alarm
General alarm
Watertight alarm
CO2 releasing alarm system
Engine room monitoring system

6.5 Navigation and Communication Apparatus
1) Sounding apparatus : 2 units
2) Radar : 2 units
3) DGPS : 2 units
4) Gyrocompass : 1 unit
5) Speed log : 1 unit
6) Weather map facsimile receiver : 1 unit
7) AIS (Automatic Identification System) : 1 unit
8) Rain-water cleaner and wiper : 6 units
9) Fog diaphone : 1 unit
11) Navigation data recorder : 1 unit
12) GMDSS : 1unit
13) NAVTEX : 1 unit
14) Satellite communication F station : 1 unit
15) Ultra short wave radio station for helicopter : 1 unit
16) Aviation wireless radio-phare set : 1 unit
17) Two-way VHF for life boat : 3 units
18) EPIRB : 1 unit
19) SART : 2 units

7. Pipelay System
Concept : Starboard mounted single joint S-lay system
Capacity : 4” – 48” diameter pipe
Maximum external diameter : 60 inch
Pipelaying speed : 3km/day

Conveyor system & powered transverse conveyors with elevating and non
elevating capabilities are provided.

Firing Line
5 welding stations (Maker: Serimax)
1 NDE station(Maker:Rd-tech or GE)
1 repair station
1 coating station(Maker: Selmer or Hennecke)

All stations sheltered

Control Room
Tension machines are remotely controlled from the working bridge. Local
controls provided in the pipe tunnelalong the firing line.

Tensioner (Maker : Remacut)
2 tensioners, 100 T each

A&R Winch(Maker : Remacut)
A&R winch, 1200 m, ö88 mm wire, 200T minimum tension

Five (5) mounted with load cells at starboard stored on board ,1×50t&4×30 t

Stinger (fixed)
Line-up tools and pipe facing/beveling machines are not included.

8 Crane (Maker : ZPMC)
8.1 General Description
The crane described in these plans and specifications will be a total revolving
heavy lift floating crane for installation on a crane ship, the vessel will be used for
offshore construction in world-wide service.

8.2 Main Parameter
(1) Main hook
Main hook load : 3000t x 30m(stationary over stern)
Max height (30m radius) :
2000t x 35m (revolving)
Speed with full load : 1.5 m/min
Speed with empty load : 3.0 m/min

(2) Auxiliary 1# hook
Auxiliary 1# hook load : 600t,
Height above main deck(min radius) 80m
Depth under water 150m
Speed with load : 0-10.0 m/min

(3) Luffing
The time from boom horizontal to min radius 15min

(4) Revolving
Max. Main hook load : 2000t
Speed with load : 8 min / r
Speed with empty load : 4 min / r

(5) Whip (2 sets)
Hook load : 50t
Speed with load or without load : 60 m/min

Price & terms : Please enquire using the email form below.

If you cannot find the vessel, crane, rig or equipment that you need,
please send us an email to mail@worldoils.com stating your
requirements and we shall find it for you.

We can arrange delivery of equipment and towage of rigs and vessels where needed.

The details mentioned above are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.
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Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace
Worldoils Oil, Gas and Offshore Marketplace - Pipelay Derrick Barge 3000 Ton for Sale
New building Pipelaying Barge for Sale - 2000t & 3000t

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