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Coiled Tubing Unit - Hybrid Top Drive for Sale for Sale

Equipment name   : Coiled Tubing Unit - Hybrid Top Drive for Sale
Category   : Coiled Tubing
Specifications   :

Hyrbrid Top Drive Coiled Tubing Rig for Sale in Canada
Used CT Rigs for Sale in Canada
Coiled Tubing Rig for Sale in USA
Used Hybrid Top Drive Coiled Tubing Unit for Sale

The “CTR-100/80 A/C” is a hybrid Coiled Tubing drill rig with integral 
Top Drive for jointed pipe drilling. With a hook load of 100,000lbs. 
(44,000 DaN) at the top driveand 80,000 lbs (35,000 DaN) at the injector, 
is specifically designed for drilling depths to :

- 5000 ft (1,500 meters) with 3 ½” diameter jointed pipe
- 5000 ft (1,500 meters) with 2 7/8” diameter coiled tubing
- 8,586 ft (2,617 meters) with 2 3/8”” diameter coiled tubing
- 11,877 ft (3,620 meters) with 2” diameter coiled tubing
- 15,108 ft (4,605 meters) with 1 ¾” diameter coiled tubing

* Values are calculated based on theoretical application parameters. Actual coil
capacity and depth may vary.

A trailer-mounted coil tubing rig consisting of a mast with integral substructure/work
floor, drawworks, storage reel with level wind, injector, top drive and A/C powered hydraulic
system. The major rotating components such as the top drive injector and drawworks area
powered by A/C electric motors. Linear devices in addition to smaller rotary components
such as cylinders and level wind drive are hydraulically powered. The rig is designed for
drilling applications and includes means for drilling with either coil tubing or jointed pipe
in addition to running casing tubulars. The injector is fixed at a set height within the mast.
Drilling with jointed pipe or running of casing can be achieved without moving the rig by
moving the injector forward allowing the top drive/traveling block assembly to pass clear
of the injector. All drilling functions are controlled via a PLC based system located in the
rig doghouse. Set up functions only are achieved through manual controls mounted on
the rig trailer.

Height - 17’ with injector retracted
Width - 12’6”
The trailer is a high yield steel construction 65 Ton 24 wheel trailer with air ride suspension.
The gooseneck is sufficient in length to accommodate a typical tandem axle or 16 wheel
jeep and has provisions for a booster axle (due to the design of the rear trailer suspension
it is recommend that the booster axle be supplied – jeep is optional). The mast crown extends
more than 10’ pas the gooseneck pin ad may require the use of a pilot vehicle while moving
over public roadways.

Configuration : Single Drop
Dimensions (approximate) :
Overall length 80’ (including mast overhand at king pin)
Overall width 12’6”
Fifth wheel height 54”
Rear suspension : Peerless 24 wheel air ride suspension
Wheel configuration : 24 wheel
Ground clearance (minimum) : 18” fully laden at mid trailer
Outriggers :
Six total (2 front with single pontoon and 2 at mid trailer with single pontoon and 2 rear complete
with individual landing pads). Front and mid outriggers are hydraulically locked. Rear outriggers
are hydraulically locked with additional mechanical backup. All outriggers are removable for
ease of service.
Rims/Wheels : 10 hole steel Unimount wheels, aluminium machine finish.
Tires : 275/70R22.5 Michelin XTY-2, 16 ply
Electrical : CMVSS approved
Air : CMVSS approved
Mudflaps : Peerless 24” rubber
Weight (approximate) : 30,865 lbs (14,000kgs)
Note : The maximum capacity of the trailer suspension is 40,000kg. When the CT rig is loaded
with approximately 1500 meters of 2 7/8” diameter coiled tubing it will exceed the maximum rated
capacity. The Peerless 24 wheel air ride suspension is rated for a maximum load of 40,000kgs.
Any loading above this rating will cause premature component wear and may lead to a complete
failure of the suspension system. Peerless will not warrant any component of the suspension
system of loaded at any time above the rated capacity.

Booster Axle
High strength steel, T-1 fabricated frame, low profile design with 9 air bags controlled with high
volume regulator and accumulator air tanks for equal pressure. Clamp on style adapter to fir 24
wheel chassis.
Capacity : 45,000lbs
Suspension : Air over Peerless rubber bushed walking beam suspension.
Legs(2) : Holland LDG700-212 dual pin drop leg assembly.
Axles(2) :
K.G.I self-steering axles, 16-1/2” x 7” brakes rated 22,500 lbs., oil seals and air dampers on tie
rods. Haldex auto slacks.

Hub & Drums : 10 stud Unimount hub and drums (longstud)
Rim/Wheels : 10 hole steel Unimount wheels, aluminium machine finish
Tires : 275/70R22.5 Michelin XTY-2, 16ply.
Electrical : CMVSS approved with seal beam lamps.LED.
Air : CMVSS approved
Sign Pockets : Pockets on back of light box for wide load sign.
Mudflaps : Peerless 24” rubber
Weight : 9500lbs. (4,318 kgs) +/-3%

The mast is a steel fabricated twin tube design with raising/lowering from two multi-stage
hydraulic cylinders. The mast supports both means of hoisting induced by the injector
and drawworks winch. The mast accommodates the injector at a fixed height. The injector
is attached to a mechanism that hydraulically moves the injector as to provide clearance for
the traveling block/top drive while hoisting of jointed tubulars.

Mast load capacity (Jointed pipe) : 100,000 lbs
Mast load capacity (Injector) : 80,000 lbs

Mast casing length :
Range III capacity
Dimensions are based on the following :
From top side of rotary table bowl to top side of elevator 55’ 10” (17m). Crown out allowance
– 4’(1.22m).
Crown sheave assembly :
Two – 20” diameter sheave (one sheave fitted with encoder ring)
One – 24 diameter sheave
Travel block : Two-sheave 50-ton capacity (integral with top drive)
Crown shaver : installed at crown

(*Note : these specifications are based on the electric drive as quoted below)
Make : Stewart & Stevenson
Model : m 80
Maximum pull* : 80,000 lbs
Snubbing capacity : 35,000
Tubing speed* : 95ft/min
Maximum tube size : 3 ½”
Hook load : Double acting load cell mounted in injector frame
Power source/drive :
See A/C Drive below. Main chain drive via A/C electric motors, chain tension, traction
and planetary brake are hydraulically operated.

A/C Drive for Injector
(supplied by customer)
2 – 125hp AC motors in combination with 2–1:1 right angle planetary drives.
Motor manufacture : Reliance Electric
General features :
Force air cooled, drip proof, fully guarded design with encapsulated windings, high temperature
insulation and bearings suited for vertical applications.

Gooseneck with Swivel Base and Support Frame
Gooseneck : 120” radius
Support rollers : 2 7/8” (steel)
Hold Down rollers (3) : 2 7/8” (steel)
Straighter assembly (optional) : Three roller system – mechanically adjustable

Swivel :
Mounted at base of gooseneck to provide improved spooling of coil onto storage reel. Hydraulic
lock out pin for transport.

Guide Rollers (rabbit ears) : UMHW – one set mounted at lead support roller

Lubricator/Stripper Assembly
Consists of a two-part tube assembly that telescopes and is sealed to one another by
an inflatable rubber bladder. A hydraulically actuated stripper assembly is mounted at one
end of the tube directly below the injector head. The assembly is adjustable for height by
means of a hydraulic winch.

Manufacture : Progressive Technologies
Capacity : Pack off to 1,000psi at 2,500 psi hydraulic pressure
Size : Accommodates 3 ½” OD coiled tubing

Storage Reel Assembly
The Tubing Storage Reel assembly has a maximum capacity of 1000m of 3 ½” coil or 1500m of
2 7/8” coil. The storage spool is a plug and play cartridge design incorporating a level wind
spooler system for efficient wrapping of the tubing.

Reel size : 144” OD – 110” ID – 90” width

Calculated Capacity :
4605m of 1-3/4” dia. Tube
3620m of 2” dia. Tube
2617m of 2-3/8” dia. Tube
1500m of 2-7/8” dia tube

Level winder :
Hydraulically driven diamond lead screw, Level wind head is raised/lowered to working position
Reel mounting : Integral with trailer allowing for the storage reel to be recessed between the
trailer’s main frame rails.
Drive group : A/C motor, in-line brake, planetary, chain transmission
Fluid connection : Removable wash pipe through reel axle-recessed style
Internal plumbing : 3” hose – 3000psi (wash pipe to coiled tubing)
Eternal plumbing : 3” hose – 3000psi (plumbing manifold to wash pipe)

A/C Drive for Storage Reel
(supplied by customer)
1-50hp AC motor in combination with planetary drive and inline hydraulic brake.
Motor manufacture : Reliance Electric
General Features :
Force air cooled, drip proof, fully guarded design with encapsulated winding, high temperature

Top Drive
Permanently installed top drive systems including the traveling block, break out – backup tong,
bales, elevators and mud swivel. For thread make up a floating cushion connector is used to
prevent damage to pipe joint threads.
Model 240 Top Drive :
Maximum Hoist Load : 100,000lbs (rotating)
Spindle opening : 3” thru bore with 6 5/8 API regular box
Reduction : 5:1 with additional reduction to achieve 13:1
Performance :
Maximum continuous torque of 10,000 ft/lbs
Maximum intermittent torque of 14,000 ft/lbs
Maximum speed of 225 rpm
Split Traveling Block :
Sheaves : Composite 50.8cm (20”) diameter sheaves for 22mm (7/8”) cable
Hoisting capacity : 45,400kg (100,000lbs)
Guide assemblies :
Nylantron insets to suit tube rails on inside of derrick legs. Guide assemblies keep top drive
aligned to well center and transfer top drive torque top derrick legs.
Bales and Elevators Kick out cylinders :
Mounted below the top drive connected to the bales. These cylinders allow for the bales with
elevator to be hydraulically positioned towards the v-door to connect to the drill pipe.
Bales : One set of 84” bales
Elevators : Customer supplied
Mud Swivel Assembly Mud inlet swivel :
76.2mm 93 in) mounted directly to top drive. Rated 31,000kpa (4500 psi) working pressure
Gooseneck : 76mm (3 in) to support Kelly hose.
Floating Cushion Sub Floating cushion sub :
Provides a telescoping action that minimizes axial loading while making or breaking tool joints.
Box and pin connections are cut to customers specifications.
Hydraulic Back-up Tong Back up tong :
Hydraulically actuated tong assembly mounted below top drive to assist in breakout/make-up
of the drill string. Accommodates tool joints up to 7” OD.
Mud Plumbing :
Kelly hose : 2 ½” – 2400 psi (mast candy cane to top drive)
A-frame hose : 2 ½” – 2400 psi (plumbing manifold to mast candy cane)
Whip check : Certified whip checks supplied at both ends, as per Customer Specifications
Special Request : All fastners on the top drive assembly are secured
A/C Drive for Top Drive (supplied by customer)
Powered by 2-125hp AC electric motors.
Motor manufacture : Reliance Electric
General features :
Force air cooled, drip proof, fully guarded design with encapsulated windings, high temperature
insulation and bearings suited for vertical applications.
Drawworks Winch
A/C motor driven winch is mounted approximately 2/3 the way up the derrick on backside.
Capacity : 100,000lbs with 4-line block (based on a bare drum)
Block speed : 200 ft/min (based on a bare drum)
Brakes : Multi disc spring applied brake for emergency or parking Dynamic braking on the DC
bus ( bus is responsibility of customer)

Drum capacity : 400ft.
Storage reel capacity : 400ft (for “slip and cut”)
Drive group : A/C motor through parallel 20:1 reduction gear box
Load cell/WOB : Load cell clamped to deadline (supplied by customer)
Auto driller : Responsibility of customer

A/C Drive for Winch (supplied by customer)
400 hp A/C motor in combination with a 20:1 reduction gear drive. Single speed.
Motor manufacture : Reliance Electric
General Features :
Force air cooled, drip proof, fully guarded design with encapsulated windings, high temperature
Winches are sized for appropriate lift and cable life as per application. The main winch is used
primarily for lifting BHA components, drill collars, etc from the V-door or ground. The lubricator
winch is for retracting the lubricator assembly from the BOP stack.
Main winch :
Capacity : 7,250 lbs
Wire rope : 9/16” dia.
Lubricator winch :
Capacity : 2200 lbs
Wire rope : 3/8” dia.
The substructure is integral with the mast “A” frame and is permanently fixed to the rear of
the trailer. The substructure floor provides a working area for the rig crew as well as incorporating
a rotary table to assist in connecting of jointed components of the BHA. Two hydraulic cylinders
with cables are provided to operate manual pipe tongs used in the makeup and breakout of
threaded connections. In addition counterweights are provided to assist in the lifting and lowering
of both the makeup and breakout tong wrenches. Two hydraulic cylinders and traveling dolly
system provide a means for which to raise and lower the BOP from the well head in addition to
provide a method for transporting the BOP with the rig between locations.

Structure Capacity : 100,000lbs
Rotary table : Hydraulically drive and controlled ENID rotary table
BOP handling : 2 cylinders mounted under floor to raise and lower BOP. Manual controls in cellar.
Make-up & Breakout : 2 cylinders mounted vertically in substructure
Work floor : Steel checker plate with traction paint. Includes handrails with kick plates as necessary.

Rotary Table
The rotary table’s primary function will be to assist in the makeup and breakout of jointed tubulars
quickly and safely.
Rotary table : ENID Drill Systems Inc. – Super Bowl
Static weight specs : 45,500kg (100,000lbs)
Rotating weight specs : 45,500kg (100,000) upto to 50rpm
Dimensions : 81cm x 122cm x 21cm (32” x 48” x 8 5/8”)
Weight :
Table – 625kg (1,400lbs)
Bushing – 140kg (320lbs)
Round opening : 40.6 cm (16”)
Drive square : 46.7 cm (18 ½”)
Drive : Hydraulic
Performance : 2,250 Nm (1,662 ft/lbs.) @ 125 rpm
Master Bushing for Rotary Table :
46.7 cm (18 ½”) square drive. Internal API opening 13 1/16” top of taper with 4” TPF
Rig control is achieved through a PLC based 24v DC electric over hydraulic system. Operation of
the rig while drilling is done from the control panel situated in the dog house. Rig up is performed
from a secondary location on the drill rig carrier. These controls consist of both hand operated
manual hydraulic valves in conjunction with electric over hydraulic controls.
Hydraulic Power Package
Power Source : 60hp A/C electric motor Skid mounted
Gearbox/pump drive pumps :
Direct coupled to motor
1- Permco P197
1 – Rexroth A10V
Hydraulic tank : Fabricated steel with rubber isolation mounts
Cooler assembly : Remote mounted on trailer deck with A/C motor driven fan.
Rated at 113 deg F

A/C Drive for Hydraulic Power Pack (supplied by customer)
1-60hp AC motor in combination with twin pad pump drive.
Motor manufacture : WEG
General features : Force air cooled, drip proof, fully guarded design with encapsulated windings,
high temperature insulation.
Steam Heaters
Two Ruffneck steam heaters are supplied with the rig to heat the BOP in winter. In addition the
substructure is enclosed with metal sheeting and provisions for securing additional customer
supplied tarps are included. Plumbing and connection points are supplied to tie in customer
supplied boiler.
Mud Plumbing
Mud plumbing is provided for both drilling systems – drilling with coil or jointed pipe A hammer
union connection point is provided at the front of the trailer so the customer supplied mud system
(kicker hose) can be connected. A gate valve is installed to close the system flow to the coil
reel with a second gate valve used to close the system flow to the ridged plumbing leading to
the top drive. These two valves are used to control the flow either for operation with coil or the
top drive. A hose assembly with swivel is used to connect the plumbing manifold to the wash
pipe, which is passed through the axle of the storage reel. From this wash pipe a hose assembly
is used to connect to the coil tubing. A third gate valve is connected to the plumbing manifold
that controls flow to the kill line leading into the substructure.
Ridged plumbing : 3”, 3,000psi (kill line and fire proof hose 2”)
Gate valve (3) : 3”
Internal reel plumbing : 3” hose – 3000psi
External reel plumbing : 3” hose – 3000psi
Kelly : 2 ½” hose – 2400psi
A-frame : 2 ½” hose – 2400psi
BOP Plumbing
BOP plumbing consisting of quick connectors, hoses and steel piping in order for the customer to
connect the NOP stack to the accumulator system (customer supplied). A bulkhead is located
near the gooseneck of the trailer. This bulkhead is equipped with 5 sets of quick couplers suitable
in size to connect with the accumulator system. All couplers are labelled as to their function.
From the bulkhead hydraulic hose is run to a point sufficient in distance from the well centre to
meet code. At this point steel line (or fireproof hose) is run the length of the trailer to just inside
the cellar area at which point it is terminated at a second bulkhead. The purpose of this bulkhead
is to allow separate hoses to be run to BOP stack. From bulkhead in the cellar, fireproof hose of
sufficient length, complete with quick couplers is supplied to connect with the BOP stack
(stack supplied by customer). All hose and fitting sizes, specifications are to be in accordance
with applicable codes and customer requirements.

Responsibility of the customer
Water/Steam/Air Lines
Water and steam lines with connection points to interface with customer supplied boiler and water
tank, using non-malleable iron fittings only. In addition, all lines will be wrapped with fiberglass
insulation and aluminium sheeting.
Misc. Equipment
Fall arrestor (1) : Supplied and installed from ladder side of crown
Effective Date of Inventory : April 2007
Rig depth rating 1,500m using 89mm Range 2 drill pipe
Rig depth rating 1,500m using 73mm Coiled Tubing
Number of loads (w/boiler) 10, No crane required

A. Drawworks :
Make : Foremost
Drum : 508mm
Maximum Hoisting Capacity : 44,500 daN
Number of Hoisting Speeds : Single speed
Auxiliary Brake Type : N/A
B. Rig Power :
Make : 2 ea. Catepillar 3456
Peak Power : 2 @ 455kW 1800rpm
C. Derrick :
Make : Foremost
Type : Coil/Top Drive
Height : 19.5m
Normal Number of Lines Strung : 4
Maximum Allowance Working Load (API) : 44,500 daN w/ 4 lines
Contractor’s Allowable Working Load : 40,050 daN w/ 4 lines

D. Substructure :
Make : Foremost
Type : 24 Wheel Coil/Top Drive Carrier
Maximum Load Capacity Set back : N/A daN 3.88m long
Maximum Load Capacity Rotary : 44,500 daN 3.81m wideKB-Guard : 3.8-4.2m
Vertical Clearance for BOPs : 3.2-3.5m c/w BOP handling system

E. Rotary Table :
Make : Enid Drill Systems Inc.
Type :Hydraulic
Opening : 406mm
Contractor’s Operating rpm :
Max. : 125
Min. : 0

F. Swivel : N/A
G. Travelling Equipment :
Make/Model : Web Wilson
Manufacturer’s Maximum Allowable Load : 87,000 daN
Make/Model : Web Wilson
Manufacturer’s Maximum Allowable Load : 87,000 daN

H. Drilling Line :
Line Size : 22.225mm
Line Type : Shaw’s Dyform
Single Line Breaking Strength : 42,260 daN

I. Drill Pipe :
88.9mm OD, Grade : E75, 18.3kg/m, Conn. 3 ½” IF, 600m
c/w2 hydraulic pipe tubs

J. Drill Collars :
120.7mm OD, 59.0mm ID, Conn. 3 ½” IF, Joint available 18

K. Mud Pump :
Make & Model : Gardner Denver PZ9,
Stroke : 229mm
Pump powered by : 860kW WEG

Liner Sizes (mm)
Maximum Strokes/min.
Minimum Strokes/min
Manufacturer’s Maximum Pump Pressure (kPa)
Contractor’s Maximum Pump Pressure (kPa)

L. Mud Tanks :
Total volume : 49.1 cbm
Active (useable) volume : 38.7 cbm
Pill tank volume : N/A
Trip tank volume : 3.9 cbm
Number of tanks : 1
Number of compartments : 5
Independent Mud Mixing System :
Pump 1 – Type : Mission , Size : 152m x 127mm x 356mm
Pump 2 – Type : Mission , Size : 152m x 127mm x 356mm
Agitator Type : Varco
Number of Agitator : 2
Hole Fill Pump : Brico

M. Shale Shaker :
Make : King Cobra – Varco
Number : 1
Vibrating Speed : 1,800 cycles/min.

N. Mud Gas Separator :
Location : Shaker Tank
Height above mud level : 1.88m (Mud level to top of vessel)
Vessel Diameter : 610mm
Liquid inlet line size : 76mm
Gas outlet size : 152.4mm
Open bottom : Yes
Internal baffles : Yes
NACE Certified : Yes

O. Blowout Prevention :

Size (mm)
Pressure Rating (kPa)
Nace Trim
Pipe Ram
Blind Ram

HCR Valve : 79.4mm Hi-Kalibre
Kill Line Valves : 51mm
Accumulator :
Academy Services Model# 1-66-3-11
Size : 249.8 litres
Rating : 21,000 kPa

P. Manifold :
a) The Master BOP controls are located at the accumulator and remote controls
located at the driller’s station.
b) Pressure Rating : 21,000 kPa
Choke Line Size : 76mm
Valve Type : Hi-Kalibre
Size : 76 x 52mm
c) Nace Trim : Yes

Q. Light Plants :
Powered by and Output kW – N/A

R. Instrumentation : Pason

S. Boiler :
Make :William Davis
Type : 100hp
Output : 74.5 kW

T. Top Drive :
Make : Foremost
Type : RC240

U. Lubricator/Stripper :
Make : Progresive Tech.
Type : Hydraulic

V. Fuel Storage : 10,000 litres Boiler 5,200 litres

W. Water Storage : 48,000 litres Boiler 21,000 litres

Price & terms : Please enquire using the email form below.

If you cannot find the vessel, crane, rig or equipment that you need,
please send us an email to mail@worldoils.com stating your
requirements and we shall find it for you.

We can arrange delivery of equipment and towage of rigs and vessels where needed.

The details mentioned above are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.
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Used Coiled Tubing for Sale
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Hyrbrid Top Drive Coiled Tubing Rig for Sale in Canada
Coiled Tubing Rig for Sale in USA
Used Hybrid Top Drive Coiled Tubing Unit for Sale

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