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Monday, March 2nd 2009, 6:05pm

High oil prices - Low oil prices - what will it be on 31st of May 2009?


In your opinion, what will be the price of crude oil on the 31st of may 2009?


Between $45 and $55 (5)


Between $55 and $65 (4)


Between $35 and $45 (3)


Between $65 and $75 (3)


Less than $25 (1)


Between $25 and $35 (1)


Between $75 and $85 (1)


Between $85 and $95


Over $95

A total of 18 Votes have been submitted.
The economic slowdown + the fear of a recession are contributing to the decreasing demand for oil in the developed countries as well as the developing countries.

Shall we have a poll on what the general opinion is, and the forecast for the oil prices on the 31st of May 2009? Please join the poll.....


Tuesday, March 3rd 2009, 12:05pm

Oil prices in May

This seems to be the second poll asking the people to speculate on the oil prices. The last one on a parallel thread asked an opinion on oil prices at the end of the year '08 and I was surprised to see that most number of people predicted correctly, saying that the prices would be less than $50 a barrel. We have seen a lot of highs and lows in the oil prices in the past 6 months.. from hitting a high at $147 a barrel to languishing at $36 a barrel. I feel that the right oil prices for May will be in the range of $40 to $50 a barrel. Judging by the currrent economic situation and the result or the failure of the games played by the OPEC and sister countries, it will be nothing short of a miracle to push the oil prices to above $50 a barrel.

Request to the people who answer this poll. Do write a few sentences on why you think that the oil prices will be what you are predicting. Thanks.


Tuesday, March 3rd 2009, 5:12pm

Predict the oil prices?

Predict the oil prices? Not really. Mine will be more of a guess.

I do not want to predict and sound like the many analysts in the financial world who predicted over and over again until the markets crashed and are still crashing. But guessing - I will do.

My guess is that the oil prices will hover between $35 & $45. I will wait until 31st of May to check if I am right.


Thursday, April 2nd 2009, 7:43pm

Positive signs of the price being over US$ 55

The price is already rallying around $50 now.

With the Dow Jones rising, it does not mean that the good old days are back. But it will definitely be a bit better than Jan 2009.
So, the price has to rise. Me thinks..

But the financial markets are still down. Loans are not available to traders easily. So the market will not see a dramatic rise. So the oil prices settling betwwen 55 and 60 during end-May would be a good estimate.

This is my opinion only. Please do not hold me up on my words.


Sunday, May 3rd 2009, 8:59am

Predicatble now?

It is now close to the 31st of May 2009. It is about $53 now.

So it looks like the price is actually going to be anywhere between $55 - $65? :|


Tuesday, June 2nd 2009, 2:32am

The oil price crossed $65. A bit better that the Worldoils poll

The oil price did cross $65 at the end of May. A bit better than the Worldoils poll.

Let us look at the next oil price poll now. Personally, I have a few thoughts which I shall refine and add in the next poll.


Monday, April 5th 2010, 11:08am

nice post to get aware about oil prices..but i think the market conditions are about to overcome than before..
i hope prices will soon be in control..:)


Wednesday, April 7th 2010, 9:04pm

You are looking at the May 2009 poll

Hi John David.

You are looking at the May 2009 poll. Look at the 2010 poll - interesting :)

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