Workover Rig - Flush By Unit - 20T - New Unit
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Equipment ID   : 204
Equipment name   : Workover Rig - Flush By Unit - 20T - New Unit
Category   : Miscellaneous Equipment
Specifications   :
Workover Rig FBU20 - Flush By Unit
Flush By Workover Rig

Well Services
Workover operations and well stimulations

• controlled working unit
• safer
• faster
• more cost-effective

The Workover Unit „ FBU20 “ is designed to
perform well repairs and well 
and is used for the following operations:
• General workover operations
• Well stimulations
• Assembling/ disassembling of piping and pump supports
• Preparation of production wells for special treatment (e.g. Frac)
• Pump and circulation operations
The advantages of the Flush By Unit FBU20
• The Flush By Unit is typically used to perform the same function as a fully outfitted 
workover rig, but limited to shallow wells.
• The unit is much easier and faster to move and set up, and are typically manned by 
fewer operators then conventional workover rigs.
• Flush By Units are much more adaptable to customer’s unique requirements.
Technical Data
• Mast with crownblock
• Drawworks winch
• Auxiliary winch
• Triplex High Pressure Pump
• Booster pump and circulation pump
• High and Low Pressure Manifold
• 2 Fluid tanks (2 x 3 m³)
• Working platform and operator panel
• Cable braces to the chassis
• Additional 400l diesel tank
Carrier Vehicle
Daimler ACTROS 4141 AK 8x8/4
Engine power (V6) 408 PS
Max. technical axle load: 9/9/13/13 t
Weight variant: 44,0 t
Length 11,5 m
Width 2,65 m
Height 4,0 m
Total Weight 33,8 t
Mast overhang 1,54m

Telescopic mast
Mast length (extended): 14,0 m
Free height over ground: 16,9 m
Max. working length: 13,5 m

Hook Load
Max. Hook Load 200 KN

The mast consists of two parts – an exterior bottom
section and an internal top section.
Mast grade: 9°
Slow Forward Speed
Max. rope speed: 1,32 m/s
High Forward or Backup Speed
Max. rope speed: 6,2 m/s

Operator Control Panel

Signal: Telescoping mast locked
Signal: Crown saver ON
Signal: Failure plunger lubrication
Lighting system On/Off
Tongs (hydraulic) On/Off
Selector: Power SPM Pump and Main Winch
(100% -60%/40%-100%)
Truck RPM (+/-)
Throttle Triplex Pump RPM
Throttle Booster Pump RPM
Throttle Circulation Pump RPM
Emergency stop switch
Drawworks winch
Drawwork winch slow/fast
Auxiliary winch

Pump rate „Triplex Pump“
Pressure „Triplex Pump“
Truck RPM
Truck oil pressure
Truck water temperature

Carrier Vehicle
The whole workover unit with the mast is mounted on a 4-axle chassis of 
“Mercedes-Benz ACTROS 4141 AK.
Dimensions and axle loads allow an easy moving on public roads, 
as well as in the field.
Power Unit
The diesel engine of the Mercedes truck is used to drive the workover unit. 
The diesel engine powers the hydraulic pumps by means of the PTO (via cardan shaft). 
The hydraulic pumps drive all hydraulic components.
Triplex Pump
Plunger diameter: 3”
Drive hydraulic
Max. input power: 600 BHP / 447 KW
Stroke: 6” / 152.4 mm
Loading Pump
Gear pump
Q max. 800l/min
p max. 7 bar
Booster Pump
Centrifugal pump
Q max. 1000l/min
p max. 5 bar
Fluid Tanks
Tanks: 2 pcs.
Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 2850 l
Total capacity: 5700 l
Discharge Piping
Pipe diameter:2”
Pressure resistance: 10000 psi
2” Relief valve 3500 psi
2” Plug valves
2” Safety valve
Lubrication: Fluid and Power End

Suction Piping 
4“ Pipes with 4“ butterfly valves

Several problems can arise at well sites. Rods can break down-hole due to 
additional torque caused by sand or corrosion, leaks can develop, or pumps need to 
be replaced. Service rigs can be very expense, so you need a cost-effective, yet versatile 
solution to provide various down-hole well services.
Effective Workover operations and well stimulations
The Flush By Unit FBU20 includes a holding tank and triplex pump; contaminants (sand) 
can be circulated out of the well. The unit also used extensively to circulate solvents or
other chemicals, to remove paraffin and asphaltene.
The Flush By Unit can fix rod breaks, replace polish rods, pack leaks, trip rods and pump 
out of the well, also the tubings, flush sanded-off or waxed as various well trouble-shooting 
that can maximize your well production.
• European Chassis with licence
• CE conformity
• 4 axle 8x8
• compact, strong
• fast

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