Shallow Coiled Tubing Rig for sale - New
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Equipment ID   : 701
Equipment name   : Shallow Coiled Tubing Rig for sale - New
Category   : Coiled Tubing
Specifications   : Coiled Tubing Rig for Sale
Shallow Coiled Tubing rig for sale - New
New Coiled Tubing Rig for Sale

Component Summary : Quantity
Truck Twin steer : 1
Fabco Power Transfer Case : 1
Self Elevating Control Cabin : 1
Control Panel : 1
Tubing Reel Assembly : 1
CAN-DRILL 60K Injector : 1
Hydraulic Hose Package : 1
F240D.24 Fassi Knuckle Boom Crane : 1

Triplex Pump : 1
Tank And Stand : 1
Accumulators (11-galx2), inc.install : 2
Hydraulic Tanks : 2
Tool Boxes : 2
Tool Box Lighting
Main BOP Control c/w Pressure Relief
Valve For Annular Control : 1

1.0 Truck: 8x4 (Tandem-Tandem)
  1.1 Truck manufacturer Western Star
  1.2 M1.1odel: 4900SA
  1.3 Year : 2011
  1.4 Wheelbase 336”
  1.5 Engine Detroit DD15
  1.6 Horsepower: 450
  1.7 Transmission: Fuller RTLO-18918B
  1.8 Steer Axle: 40,000 lbs.
  1.9 Rear Axle: 46,000 lbs.

2.0 Fabco Power Transfer Case
  2.1 Rear bogies can be disengaged and power transferred to the top
        of the transfer case, which drives the pumps and the compressor
  2.2 Single-piece construction provides rigidity necessary to withstand off-highway use
  2.3 Constant mesh gears assure long service life
  2.4 Ball bearing mounted gears and shafts prevent premature malfunctions
  2.5 Upper rear outlet capped off
  2.6 Upper front outlet SAE “E”, 4-bolt hydraulic pump mount

3.0 Control Cabin
  3.1 Self elevating Control Cabin
  3.2 Wide View Window with Safety glass
  3.3 Two Man doors one on each side
  3.4 Lightweight Aluminum construction
  3.5 Fire extinguisher
  3.6 Operators Chair with assistant station
  3.7 Ergonomically correct operators console
  3.8 AC combination unit for operator comfort

4.0 Control Panel Assembly
  4.1 Console face is stainless steel construction and fully engraved, or back
        coloured lexan reversed engraved with all gauge and control information
  4.2 Air pressure gauge
  4.3 Auxiliary systems hydraulic pressure gauge
  4.4 B.O.P. valve bank, c/w two-tier activation system
  4.5 B.O.P. accumulator bleed valve (on accumulator bottle)
  4.6 B.O.P. pressure gauge.
  4.7 Circulation and wellhead pressure gauge (0 – 6,000 psig)
  4.8 CTU air supply valve
  4.9 Dual acting, + 25,000 lb. Weight indicator
  4.10 Engine coolant temperature gauge
  4.11 Engine emergency kill valve (red knob)
  4.12 Engine oil pressure gauge
  4.13 Engine starter switch
  4.14 Engine stop control (Normal)
  4.15 Engine tachometer
  4.16 Engine throttle control
  4.17 Engine volt meter
  4.18 Horn control valve
  4.19 Injector brake release pressure gauge
  4.20 Injector chain tension control
  4.21 Injector chain tension pressure gauge
  4.22 Injector control (“Speed Control and Direction Control”)
  4.23 Injector “in-hole – out-hole” pressure controls (drive pressure)
  4.24 Injector “in-hole – out-hole” pressure gauges
  4.25 Injector pump, charge pressure gauge
  4.26 Injector skate pressure control c/w pressure gauge
  4.27 Installed near Control Panel will be a back-up hydraulic
          pump system (Injector Skate Pressure, Stripper Pressure & BOP).
          Other miscellaneous gauges and controls to provide full operation of the unit.
  4.28 Light switches
  4.29 Panel mounted circuit breakers
  4.30 Stripper Pack and Retract pressure gauge
  4.31 Stripper pump control valve
  4.32 Stripper Pack/Retract hydraulic control valve
  4.33 Tubing reel brake release control valve
  4.34 Tubing reel manual control
  4.35 Tubing reel tension control valve (Reel Drag)
  4.36 Tubing reel tension gauge (Reel Drag)

5.0 Can-Drill Tubing Reel Assembly
  5.1  The CD 4500 reel utilizes lightweight but extremely strong elliptical heads
         to support the reel spool.
  5.2  1/1/2 Rotary Swivel Joint, rated at 10,000 psig, Working Pressure the swive
          l will be flange mounted to the main reel shaft to permit continuous circulation
          during tubing operations.
  5.3  The CD 4500 utilizes a direct Chain Drive
  5.4  The Spring applied Hydraulic actuated failsafe brake is mounted between the
          hydraulic drive motor and the drive sprocket.
  5.5  Reel maximum capacity: 4500 m. (14,753 ft.) of 1-1/4” diameter coiled tubing
  5.6  Core size is 60” width is 48” OD is 106”
  5.7  Reel is a transverse type (side to side movement).  No leadscrew is used.  
  5.8   Reel is mounted on a heavy-duty tubular support tower, which is mounted on
          a heavy-duty tubular steel skid base.
  5.9  Reel outer spokes are built from hollow structural steel tubes.
  5.10  Reel supplied with chain and load boomer transport locking system
  5.11  Rotation pins for transverse movement (Driver side only)
  5.12  The External High Pressure Manifold is complete with two (2) inlets and two
           (2) separate low torque FMC or equivalent plug valves.  Connected to this
            arrangement is a diaphragm protector (for monitoring of the Circulating Pressure),
            which in turn is attached to the Rotating Swivel Joint.
  5.13  The Internal Pressure Manifold is provided with a medium pressure ball valve
            between the reel axle and the coiled tubing.
  5.14  Tubing reel shaft is supported by Two (2) bearing on the swivel side and
            by the chain drive side. This is then mounted on a heavy-duty steel frame
            assembly. The tubing reel can be removed from the truck deck by removing
            the transport/operational locking pins.

6.0 Can-Drill 60K Injector
  Can-Drill 25K Injector :
  6.1  Tubing Injection/Retraction Speed: 0 – 200 ft. / min.
  6.2  Rated at 60,000 lb. Pull; 40,000 lb. Push
  6.3  The Can-Drill 60 K Injector Head has been engineered to meet the most rigorous
         applications for land or offshore applications.
  6.4  Gripper Blocks are of rugged design.
  6.5  Drive chains use a 2” pitch, 3-strand oilfield roller chain with the pins going all the
         way through the gripper blocks for extra strength.  Drive chains will be fitted with
         one (1) set of gripper blocks in a size requested by the customer (1 ¾”)
  6.7  High ratio planetary drives power the drive sprockets, which provides accurate
         control at low speeds. Variable displacement piston hydraulic motors and fail-safe
         disc brakes complete the assembly.
  6.8  Fail safe disc brakes are located between the motors and the gearboxes.
  6.9  Linde variable displacement piston hydraulic motors provide infinite speed control
         and eliminates the need to stop to shift gears.
  6.10 Drive shafts, skates, sprockets, idler shafts and cross shafts are made from high
          quality steel.
  6.11 Independent, full floating, self-centering roller skate is utilized to apply tubing
          friction pressure to tubing push/pull.
  6.12 Gripping force is applied using a superior flat black chain with rollers.
  6.13 Lightweight, high strength tubular steel construction.
  6.14 Maximum width 4’ 6”
  6.15 Base 48”x 48”
  6.16 Overall Height 84”
  6.17 Hydraulic cylinders apply tubing friction pressure through each of the skates.
  6.18 These hydraulic cylinders are conservatively sized to provide extra squeeze to
          prevent slipping on even lubricated coil tubing.  Cylinders are positioned for easy
          removal for service.
  6.19 Independent accumulators cushion all skate pressure cylinders.
  6.20 Pressure lubrication system is incorporated into the design of the injector
  6.21 All grease nipples are easily accessible
  6.22 Electrical or mechanical, Load Cell is positioned between the bottom of
          the injector and the base frame.
  6.23 Injector head is mounted into a separate Upper and Lower welded tubular
          support and protective framework.
  6.25 Injector head is mounted into a separate Upper and Lower welded tubular
          support and protective framework.
  6.26 The injector component design is made as accessible as possible with only
          high quality materials used to ensure durability.
  6.27 Excess lubricant catch pan with drain fitting is installed in injector sub-frame
          with drain plug.
  6.28 All welded components are sandblasted, and Zinc dripped

7.0 Guide Arch
  7.1   Forty-eight (48”) tubing guide arch assembly is complete with nylatron guide
          arch rollers.  Alternate sizes of tubing guide arches are available.
  7.2  Guide Arch comes with 5 equal spaced hold down clamps for even tubing load.
  7.3  The guide arch hinges midway to reduce size for ease of transport.

8.0 Hydraulic Hose Package
  8.1  Injector Control Hoses :
          (a) Complete with 65 ft. of hose (each hose) for injector operation from the
                bulkhead connection.

9.0 Fassi F240D.24 Knuckle Boom Crane
  9.1 Mounted near the rear of the truck chassis
  9.2 Total extension of crane = 16.4
  9.3 Lifting capacity at 2.5m = 8,500kg
  9.4 Crane controls are mounted at rear of crane
  9.5 Outriggers are controlled and mounted at the rear of the truck

10.0 Injection Pump – Model 3517 CAT
  10.1  Small triplex injection pump for soap or chemicals
  10.2  Storage cabinet houses the triplex pump
  10.3  Maximum volume: 14 gpm
  10.4  Maximum discharge pressure: 3,000 psi
  10.5  Maximum speed: 800 rpm
  10.6  Crankcase capacity; 4.2 quarts
  10.7  Inlet ports; 1-1/2” NPT
  10.8  Discharge ports: 1” NPT
  10.9  Wetted seal port keeps high-pressure seals completely lubricated
  10.10 Lubricated low-pressure seal provides double protection against leakage
  10.11 316 stainless steel valves, seats and springs

11.0 Tank and Stand
  11.1  Stainless steel storage tank for soaps, chemicals or other agents is kept from
            freezing in winter by heat from the engine water jacket. In addition a Proheat
            heater is tied into the engine water jacket, it too may provide heat to the tanks.
  11.2  The triplex pump uses this storage tank to draw its supply for the injection of
            chemicals, soap, etc. into the coil tubing.

12.0 BOP Control
  The system proposed below is a hydraulic-over-hydraulic system and consists
  of the following   components :
   (a)  Nitrogen (N2) back-up activation switch, c/w lift-up arming feature
   (b)  Pressure reducing valve and gauge for variable pressure out to the auxiliary BOP
   (c)  There are two control panels, one at the rear of the unit and one at the front
          of the unit.

13.0 Mounted Mid-Ship of the Unit
  13.1  Two (2) 11-gallon accumulators
  13.2  Nitrogen storage bottle bracket (N2 bottle to be supplied by Customer)

14.0 Hydraulic Tanks
  There are two hydraulic tanks
  14.1 The Main Hydraulic Tank Contains 80 gallons
  14.2 The BOP Hydraulic tank Contains 30gallons

15.0 Tool Boxes
  There are a total of two tool boxes
  15.1  The tool box is mounted on the drivers side of the unit. This box is of rugged steel
            construction, c/w two doors that open out horizontally to each side. The dimensions
            are height 40”, width 30”, depth 20”.
  15.2  The junk box is mounted on the passenger side of the unit. This box is of rugged
            steel construction, c/w two doors that open vertically. The dimensions are height 20”,
            width 35”, depth 20”.

16.0 Miscellaneous
  16.1 Stairs to each side of the control cabin for ease of access
  16.2 Numbered bulkhead connections on control panel and from Triplex Pump Box
  16.3 Pintle Hitche locks with releasing of air brakes
  16.4 Sight glasses on tanks will be on front of all tanks for easy viewing and will
           have dial temperature gauge build in
  16.5 Rig Lights will be Halogen with 8 external and one for each toolbox and one
           for the control panel.
  16.6 Drum reversal to be mounted beside control panel for easy access. Hub
           odometer will be mounted on truck
  16.7 Toolboxes will extend down to lowest point on truck for maximum space
  16.8 6’ Air Hose quick connection at back of truck and in truck cab
  16.9 Brake lockout valve for front chain and back chain of injector to be
           mounted on control panel
  16.10 Inside of toolboxes to be painted white
  16.11 Top of toolboxes will mount flush with top of deck with grip material
             to provide a non-slip surface
  16.12 Hose bundles to injector head to be wrapped in nylon fire hose
  16.13 Aluminum checker plate to be used unit in centre of unit to reduce weight
  16.14 Supply and Mounting of Fabco Power Transfer Case will be done by Can-Drill  
  16.15 Modify front bumper for tire chain holders
  16.16 Rear hose bundle box to be constructed with a steel frame and aluminum
   bar grate sides and bottom to reduce weight

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