Newly discovered 100 billion cubic feet of gas.

    • Newly discovered 100 billion cubic feet of gas.

      Dana Gas has announced that its well Azhar - 1, in the Egyptian Nile Delta is also set to produce 100 billion cubic feet (16 million barrels of oil equivalent).

      Dana Gas Upstream Executive Director Mr. Ahmed Al-Arbeed said: "The discovery at the Azhar-1 well represents our fifth consecutive discovery from our 2008 2009 drilling campaign. A preliminary estimate of the exploration reserves of Azhar-1 discovery is in excess of 100 billion cubic feet (bcf) of gas and additional wells are planned for other potential hydrocarbon bearing zones that might increase the total reserves up to 150 bcf gas".

      The other wells recently discovered in the same region are
      the dry gas discovery at the West Manzala-2 well and three gas and condensate discoveries at the El Basant-1, El-Basant-2 and Salma-1 wells. These discoveries are the direct result of Dana Gas's aggressive drilling campaign in Egypt, which began in 2008 and continues to yield results in 2009.