DUG Eagle Ford San Antonio, TX

    • DUG Eagle Ford San Antonio, TX

      Will you or your company be at the DUG conference October 14-16? Do you want a chance to win an amazing trip to Los Cabos, Mexico? Stop by booth 677 and see our clients at Specialty Oilfield Solutions.


      Specialty Oilfield Solutions exhibiting at San Antonio DUG Conference 2012

      In an industry under constant scrutiny, one company is stepping out above the rest to provide quality customer service and cost-efficient environmental solutions.

      Specialty Oilfield Solutions (SOS) is a full-service drilling fluids company that provides a high level of performance, integrity, and responsiveness. With a proven track record of client satisfaction, a commitment to exceptional customer service is what sets SOS apart from the competition.

      SOS provides specialty chemicals and drilling fluids in addition to offering everything from hydraulic analysis, fluids programming and lab analysis to experienced mud engineering and fluids product development.

      Environmentally sustainable solutions are key to the products and services offered by SOS. Drilling wastewater is a high-profile concern in today’s industry and SOS provides a Dewatering Process that significantly reduces the level of bacteria, suspended solids, and metals that are typically found in drilling fluids and flow back water.

      To find out how SOS can help your business, come and meet us at DUG BOOTH # 677 from October 14-16th. Every well, every project is as important to us as the last and as a way of celebrating DUG and our All In. Every Well. campaign, we will be hosting a prize giveaway where visitors to our booth will have the chance to win a 7-day luxury trip to the exclusive 5-star Montecristo Estate in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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