International Oil and Gas events at ur fingertips

    • International Oil and Gas events at ur fingertips

      Was just browsing through the oil forum and found a link to the WorldOils events page, which I clicked on happenstance. And well, I have to say, it just took me by surprise. The page, lists down worldwide events related to the Oil and Gas Industry.

      Well, so whats special about a listing ? Well, for one the organiser and contact details are just a click away with a direct link to the event home page. Secondly, the link "Map" , opens an instance of Google Earth which points you to the exact location where the event is to be held. Helped me when I was wondering where in the world Almaty was.. :) ,and thirdly, the site links to events both recently past, present and all the way to the future ( last listing is for 14Oct 2009 and today is 1st Sept '08 )

      You can also see oil and gas trainings at The whole website seems to contain comprehensive information about the oil and gas industry. Just took a second and added it to my favourites.

      Kudos to the guys who are updating this site. Keep up the good work. :thumbsup: