Peak Oil Crisis coming soon?

    • Peak Oil Crisis coming soon?

      The first scare was actually dropped on February 10, when the UK Industry Task Force on Peak Oil and Energy Security issued a report called "The Oil Crunch: A wake-up call for the UK economy."

      According to reports from attendees, the summit yielded some important conclusions:

      • Peak oil is either here, or close enough.
      • Prices will have to go higher as demand outstrips supply.
      • Governments will be forced to intervene to maintain critical levels of oil supply, and limit volatility.
      • Rationing measures may be unavoidable.
      • Electrification of transport must be pursued in order to reduce demand.
      • Communities will need to work quickly to reorganize around walking instead of driving, producing food and energy locally instead of importing, and generally try to reduce their need for oil.

      Above is a part extract from…d-of-peak-oil-denial/1111

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