Pressurised Natural Gas

    • Pressurised Natural Gas

      The new CNG concept with the designation pressurised natural gas (PNG® ) carrier is a Knutsen OAS Shipping registered trade-mark. The gas is stored under normal pressure in vertical cylinders on-board the vessel. The concept is based on several patents pending solutions. PNG will not require sophisticated processing to maintain the gas stored in the containment system. Due to the operation under ambient temperatures, no isolation will be required to prevent heating during the voyage. The vertical cylinders will be prepared according to three main principles:

      • design, material selection and testing regime for the cylinder is according to the recognised offshore pipeline code DNV-OS-F101 (similar to ISO/DIS 13623);
      • end caps designed according to the International Gas Code (IGC) but with a minimum wall thickness not less than the cylinder wall; and
      • all material used for cargo containment piping, cargo deck piping, valves and fittings is NV 316 or similar, complying with the requirements for manufacture survey and certification given by normal rules for classification of ships.
        The vessel itself is straightforward vessel design. Some special vessel arrangement is required to ensure maximum safety and functionality for the new application.

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