Another gas super pipeline - a decade to build...

    • Another gas super pipeline - a decade to build...

      Just read this information :

      The largest private capital project in U.S. history—the construction of a new pipeline to carry natural gas from Alaska's resource-rich North Slope to the rest of the country.

      Length : 1,715 miles
      Price : $ 26 billion
      Time : At least a decade to build
      Scheduled completion : 2018

      Hopefully the Alaskan gas will be sold.
    • Something interesting at the PEOP pipeline too

      This is an extract from

      An oil pipeline intended to link the Caspian basin and Italy appears to be in doubt due to a lack of clear commitment from the partners, the head of Croatian oil pipeline operator Janaf JANF.ZA said on Wednesday.

      Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and Italy signed an agreement in 2007 on building the Pan-European Oil Pipeline (PEOP) to bring crude from the Caspian basin via the Romanian Black Sea port of Constanta to Trieste in Italy.

      First projections said it could become operational in 2012.


      Apparently, there seems to be some confusion in the completion.