Will tanker hijackings hinder oil transporation?

    • Will tanker hijackings hinder oil transporation?

      A few tankers have been hijacked and the seafarers are being held hostages. Of course, it is not just the tankers that are being hijacked. Other types of ships such as container ships are also being hijacked. Huge ransoms are being claimed.

      Last week another tanker was hijacked off Mogadishu.

      Hijackings may hinder transport of oil to Somalia if the tanker owners stop sending their ships there. :S
    • Tanker carrying refined petroleum hijacked yesterday

      There has been another hijacking of a greek tanker one day ago of the Somalia coast.

      We being in the oil industry are concerned about oil transportation and distribution. But these hijackings are a major problem not only for movements of oil and chemicals but also for other commodities as the shipping lanes are being targetted.