Bahrain to invite IOC's to explore deeper.

    • Bahrain to invite IOC's to explore deeper.

      OGN Online reports that in the next couple of months Bahrain is set to invite International Oil Companies to explore previously unexplored fields in its existing Awali field. “So far we have gone 15,000 to 16,000 feet under the ground and we are hoping to go deeper – to around 20,000 feet.”reveals Minister of Oil and Gas Affairs Abdul- Husain bin Ali Mirza.

      Bahrain would look to support its growing poplulation and industries with the extra supply of gas. It also has ongoing negotiations with Iran to have a pipeline between the two countries. The Kingdom has recently started upgrading its Awali refinery so that "bottom of the barrel" fuel oil products account for only 3% of the production costs as against the current 15 %.