Platts 3rd Annual European Gas Storage - 9 & 10 Feb 2009, Budapest, Hungary

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    • Platts 3rd Annual European Gas Storage - 9 & 10 Feb 2009, Budapest, Hungary


      Platts 3rd Annual European Gas Storage

      9-10 February, 2009 - Budapest, Hungary

      As European dependency on imported gas supplies is gaining new urgency in the light of soaring prices and the decline of indigenous resources, gas storage is beginning to play more of a vital role in the wider gas market, by increasing the reliability and security of supply as well as market flexibility.

      Platts 3rd Annual Gas Storage conference will once again bring together leading executives from across the region’s major operating companies, governments, national and regional regulatory bodies, key investors and market players to examine the key challenges and opportunities at the forefront of the European gas storage industry.

      Join the Platts European Gas Storage conference and maximize your competitive edge within this fast-moving industry by:

      • Examining gas storage regulation and its impact on investment
      • Discussing whether LNG will displace storage as the swing provider to Europe
      • Identifying investment opportunities in gas storage projects
      • Assessing the costs of developing different types of storage
      • Evaluating current and future gas storage capacity needs
      • Receiving latest operational updates on gas storage projects in development and understand project challenges and successes
      • Hearing first-hand successful strategies for gas storage valuation
      • Discovering the balance between market dynamics and regulation
      • Learning about virtual and physical trading of gas storage
        For more information visit or contact:

        +44 (0) 20 7176 6226