Wax Precipitation solved - read on

    • Wax Precipitation solved - read on

      Do you work at a wellhead where wax is causing you a multitude of problems.
      Would you like a truly effective, safe, reliable, simple and environmentally friendly product, if so read on.

      A wellhead operation can be totally cleaned of wax in less that 24hrs and can be as little as 4hrs (depending on level of contamination).

      The product does not have a flash point, it is NON-FLAMMABLE. The product is NON-TOXIC.

      The product DOES NOT require additional heat to make it work or maintain the wax in the liquid phase. Heat is NOT a factor in the process of using the product.

      A product has been developed for remediating wax deposits in all sections of the oil stream process but its primary focus is at the wellhead where upon application can provide constant and continuous control of wax from the well to the refinery.

      The product works by returning wax deposits back to the liquid phase and thereafter binding to the liquid wax on it journey downstream. This prevents the reformation of flocculation and wax deposition in the areas where it is a major problem.

      When the product has done its initial cleaning job at the well and the system is clean, the product is injected into the oil bearing strata around the well to continue by binding to the liquid wax preventing its solid phase from occurring. It also assists with remediating the viscosity of the oil allowing for reduced power input and providing better flow and improved production.

      The product is itself an environmentally friendly product such that it is registered as follows:

      "Not classified as dangerous goods under relevant international transport regulations (ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG Refer Section 16 “Definitions”). USA Federal Regulations: Non-hazardous OSHA 174 Section 1986. Packing requirements are specified in steel / plastic containers. Non-Hazardous Material Ships under US code 55 for food grade materials"

      Spills of the product requires NO special factors and can safely enter the environment.

      The product is proven to increase production from 20% and has created production increase of over 75%. (this has since been exceeded ad we are awaiting data)

      The product has a proven case of a well having an ROI (Return of Investment) of 2 days or less!

      Residual product in the oil stream begins working on Wax deposition already in existence in pipes and other equipment already contaminated and gradually removes the deposits as the oil flow passes downstream. This means the wax deposition STOPS and the wax removal is an ongoing process until it is completely eliminated. (READ AS NO PIGGING TO REMOVE WAX UNLESS VERY EXCESSIVE!)

      Because the product returns the wax to its liquid phase it becomes a valuable commodity with real sale value at the refinery instead of a dreaded nuisance in the oilstream requiring massive remedial operations and some extremely high costs.

      As an added value the product is unique because it is highly efficient at separating oil from water so where a customer has particularly high water content with their oil production benefits using the product.

      Please feel free to ask any questions and I will respond as quickly as possible.