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Events Subsystem
Oil, Gas & Biofuels Events

1 - Dec - 2020 : Online Virtual Event
Future Oil & Gas 2020 [Map]

1 - Dec - 2020 : Virtual Event
Guyana Oil & Gas Virtual Summit [Map]

1 - Dec - 2020 : Virtual Event
World LNG Virtual Summit & Awards [Map]

2 - Dec - 2020 : Denver, Colorado
Niobrara Shale Production 2020 Exhibition and Conference [Map]

2 - Dec - 2020 : Virtual Conference
Salvage & Wreck Removal Conference 2020 [Map]

2 - Dec - 2020 : Virtual Event
ARACON 2020 [Map]

3 - Dec - 2020 : Virtual Event
Water Management Permian Basin 2020 [Map]

7 - Dec - 2020 : Online
4th World Congress on Petroleum Engineering and Natural Gas Recovery [Map]

7 - Dec - 2020 : Online Conference
BWMTech North America 2020 [Map]

8 - Dec - 2020 : Online
IADC World Drilling 2020 Conference & Exhibition [Map]

Training Subsystem
Oil, gas & biofuels Training

8 - Sep - 2020 : Online learning
Certificate in Shipping Markets Analysis [Map]

9 - Sep - 2020 : Online learning
Certificate in Shipping Business [Map]

10 - Sep - 2020 : Online learning
Diploma in Ship Superintendency [Map]

14 - Sep - 2020 : Online learning
MSc in Marine Technical Superintendent [Map]

30 - Nov - 2020 : Virtual
International Oil Trading: Physical & Paper: A 2-Day Course [Map]

30 - Nov - 2020 : Mexico City
Mini MBA: Oil & Gas and Energy Management [Map]

30 - Nov - 2020 : Kuala Lumpur
ASME Section VIII Division 1 and 2 - Pressure Vessel Series [Map]

30 - Nov - 2020 : Houston
Production Sharing Contracts Module 1 & 2 [Map]

30 - Nov - 2020 : Kuala Lumpur
Planning and Scheduling for Day to Day Maintenance and Turnarounds [Map]

30 - Nov - 2020 : Kuala Lumpur
API 653 Training - Tank Inspection, Repair, Alteration, and Reconstruction [Map]

PMS Software for Offshore vessels - Offshore accounting software
PMS software for oil rigs - Offshore Vessel Risk Assessment Software - Rig Management Software
Crew Payroll Software - Crew Management Software - Offshore Vessel Maintenance Software - Offshore planned maintenance software - Rig PMS software
Shipbroking software -Marine Software - Marine Accounting Software - Chartering Software - Operations Software - Rig Maintenance Software
Marine Purchasing Software - Voyage Estimation Software - Laytime calculations Software - Drydocking Software - S&P Database & Software - Risk Assessment Software
Shipbroking Software - Bunkering Software - Marine Crewing Software - ISM Software - TMSA software - Ship Management Software - Shipping Software
Maritime Software - Shipmanagement Software - Risk Assessment Software - PMS Software - Marine Shipping Management Software
Ship Supplies Software - Crewing management & Crew payroll software - Vessel Scheduling Software - Offshore Crew Management Software
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Offshore Vessel Management Software - PMS software for Rigs - Marine & Offshore purchasing & Supply software
Marine Software for shipowners
Marine software for ship managers
Software for shipbrokers

ISM Software, Crewing Software, PMS software, Risk Assessment Software & Complete Shipping ERP for the ship managers

Shipmanagement software & Offshore Vessel Management systems

Software for Maritime and Offshore companies

Integrated email, telex, fax, sms & document management software

Shipbroking Software and
Communications Software for the Shipbrokers


We provide the following integrated software for maritime and offshore companies :
  • Master's General Accounting
  • Vessel Operations & Performance
  • Payments
  • Port DAs
  • Risk Assessment software
  • Security software
  • Supplies software
  • Voyage Estimation software
  • Planned Maintenance software
  • KPI
  • Integrated distance tables
  • Communications software for shipbrokers
  • Ocean routing software
  • Shipping software complete ERP
  • Marine Accounting software
  • Budgeting software
  • Cargo Invoicing software
  • Crewing & payroll software
  • Bunkering software
  • Drydocking software
  • Exchange Rates
  • Fixed Assets
  • Freight & Hire
  • I.S.M. software
  • Ship chartering software
  • Laytime calculations software
  • Tanker Management Self Assessment TMSA software
Maritime Enterprise Software

The Enterprise software suite is designed to integrate computer systems that run all phases of business operations and assist increased internal coordination of work and cooperation across a company.

With a host of regulations to adhere to, a number of shipping companies are looking to software to perform tasks with greater efficiency and the more integration available the easier to implement.

The Enterprise concept was launched in 2004, but the modules have been under development for more than twenty years. The system’s functionality has been developed and enhanced based on feedback from clients and prospective clients over the last 20+ years.

The Enterprise version over a number of years. It means that you can replace your existing systems with one fully integrated solution that connects everyone in your organization to charterers, suppliers and partners at any time, anywhere.

Τhe Enterprise Software Suite has been built as a modular system that allows the flow of information to be integrated among the various departments ashore. Τhe vessel becomes an integral part of the company-wide electronic work-flow, resulting in improved business cycles and improved efficiency. This unique version has been designed to unify all the functionality of a shipping company in one single executable program. This concept is a must to implement corporate key performance indicators.

The Enterprise version covers two key areas of a client’s operations:

  • Shore-based operations and
  • ship-based modules.
Shore-based applications cover a multitude of tasks ranging from Accountancy, Operations, ISM compliance, Planned Maintenance, Crewing and Bunkering.

Transparency of accounts information and accurate calculations are the fundamental concerns of the Danaos Accounting suite of products.

Modules such as Marine Accounting, Budgeting, Payments and Freight Collection all provide reporting capabilities and are designed to support investment decisions.

Other accounting software for shipboard use, the Master's General Accounting has been developed to check master's accounts and disemburse vessel port expenses. The software validates pay-slips received from the Master and processes monthly and extra allotments and produces wages, tax statements and records of crew ledgers.

The crewing module has been specifically designed for crewing departments or crew agents and provides historical performance record for each seafarer, qualifications and training details. With the introduction of security regulations such as International Ship and Port Facility Code it helps generate multiple crew lists for US immigration and other authorities.

The Planned Maintenance System has underpinned the software since the company was established in 1986 and provides maintenance monitoring on any marine or industrial plant.

The module provides flexible specification of required maintenance integrating with spare data and class survey information. The system has type approval from Det Norske Veritas and Lloyd’s Register.

The PMS includes survey status software designed for vessel survey and recommendation status monitoring. The company’s technical department can be informed at any stage regarding the survey and recommendation status, overdue surveys and surveys due at any future date.

The monitoring system provides hull and machinery measurement informing the technical department of historical measurement and providing trend and boundary check analysis.

Another module provides a decision making tool for the vessel’s operations with optimum passage speed calculation giving direct gain/loss figures. It can also assess the performance of the charter party in actual financial terms, providing complete defence against any possible claims.

The voyage estimation module includes a large and extensible port distances data base with the ability to create ‘what if’ scenarios.

We are also continuously updating and enhancing its bunker suite of products which now includes the Bunker Dashboard and Searoutes. All modules in the suite have been designed to automate the bunker supply process and provide complete information at any stage of the cycle in order to support accurate and fast decision making.

The Dry-docking module offers the creation of the dry-docking report, sends quotations to a number of shipyards, evaluates quotes, and assists in placing the final order.

Supply side software includes control systems for stores, spare parts and provisions with the ability to provide automation of the supply chain and rapid inventory and purchasing control.

The ISM package has been continuously update and modified to act as the launch platform for a company’s preparation and certification to ISM requirement. It provides the backbone of the efficient maintenance of the ISM system once the company is certified and ensures continuity of compliance.

The package revolves around a variety of administration and operations modules all designed to gain the most benefits from ISM compliance.

The on-board software is designed to provide officers and crew with an easy and efficient tool to handle the majority of their daily administrative work.

With a link to shore-based system crew are able to instantly call upon all paper Work required according to the latest company procedures.

All required information is transmitted back to the headquarters for further processing.

The Enterprise software works effectively with any ship to shore communication system and has been optimized to support ‘always on’ connection to the office via Inmarsat fleet or VSAT Solution.


How to contact Norcomms

Tel : +65 96735240
Fax : +65 62346505
Email : mail@norcomms.com

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