Customized Mobile Emergency Command/Disaster Relief Trailer for Sale
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Equipment name   : Customized Mobile Emergency Command/Disaster Relief Trailer for Sale
Category   : Disaster Relief Trailers
Specifications   :
Disaster Relief Trailer Vehicle for sale
Customized Mobile Emergency Command/Disaster Relief Trailer
Mobile Emergency Disaster Relief Trailer Vehicle for sale

Customized Citadel Class Mobile Emergency Command/Disaster Relief Trailer

1.0 Overall Scale : Chassis and Operations Enclosure
1.1 Vehicle Dimensions
- 13'6” High x 102” Width x 46' Length
- Total length including rear bumper and air-conditioning units not to exceed 46’
- Air ride suspension
- Tandem axle
- Sure Glide EXP section dimensions: one (1) curbside, 52”x112”, two (2) 70” x
150” street side
These dimensions do not exceed the legal limitations of any jurisdiction in
North America.
1.2 Trailer Chassis Specifications
- Model #UC 44/102
- Sure Glide Side Expanding System
- L-Stanchion support system
2.0 Chassis Weight and Axle Loading
Body and chassis shall be in compliance with legal weight limits and
transportation regulations on all public highways in North America. Commercial
Driver’s License shall be required. No special permits shall be required for travel
on any public highway in North America.
3.0 Body Construction: Methods and Materials
General Statements and Descriptions
The mechanical design and construction of the unit shall be such that the
Client, with proper maintenance, can expect at least 15 years of use.
All aluminum-to-steel joints are insulated with High Molecular Density
Polymer to prevent corrosion due to galvanic electrolysis.
Aluminum skin shall be .090 at bulkheads and sides.
Fabrication and Construction practices shall utilize proprietary methods of
MIG Welding and chemical bonding. Lord 500 Series Acrylic Adhesive
shall provide extremely high impact rating and extreme resistance to
thermal and chemical stress.
Frame Description
Trailer shall be of aluminum and steel Frameless Monocoque Structure.
This is a proven design that allows for stress to be distributed evenly throughout
the entire structure; Neither extreme conditions during travel nor lever-action
physics due to the Sure Glide side shall compromise the structural integrity.
- Framed structures will not concentrate the stress at one singular point
- No distortion or twisting will take place; especially regarding the Upper
Coupler Plate where the kingpin is located
This structure was developed for the US Military through computer stress analysis
model design.
The Universal Composite Trailer Chassis meets the following Industrial, US
Government, and US Military standards:
ASTM B209 - Industry Standard specification for aluminum and aluminum-alloy sheet plate.
AWS D1.1 - Structural welding code for steel.
AWS D1.2 - Structural welding code for aluminum
CF Title 49 - Transportation, US Federal highways
FED-STD-595 - Federal standards for paint
MIL-STD-810E - US Military Standards Environmental & Engineering guidelines
MIL-STD-454 - US Military Standards Workmanship
MIL-STD-1472 - US Military Standards Human Factor Engineering
Body Filler products shall not be utilized in any weight or stress-bearing
component of the aluminum body.
3.1 Floor Frame shall incorporate:
- Formed and steel hat sections into Monocoque design.
- 90ksi min. high tensile steel 4” I-Beams
- 90ksi min. high tensile steel 5” I-Beams at leveling legs & bogie frame
- .032” 3003 aluminum sheeting
- additional proprietary methods and materials
3.2 Wall and Bulkhead Construction shall incorporate:
- 12 ga. Galvanneal seal around door jamb and openings
- 1 ½” extruded aluminum hat channel extruded wall studs
- Sections on 16” centers, 1 ½ hat sections as required
- .063 ” T-5454 Aluminum Sheeting for exterior surface
Aluminum skins shall be .090 on expanding side end walls & .090at bulkheads
- To be seamless and rivet-less, smooth auto type look
- Extruded aluminum top rail sections
- Extruded aluminum bottom rail sections.
- Crucial support on the expanding section side shall be gained through use
of 6” by 16” and by 4” by 12” steel tubing.
- additional proprietary methods and materials
3.4 Roof Construction shall incorporate:
- 1 ½” extruded aluminum hat sections on 24” centers
- Extruded aluminum toprail
- One-piece .032 aluminum skin
Pre-tensioned before application to ensure smoothness
Shall only be riveted around the perimeter of the trailer.
Shall be attached to roofbow by means of industrial adhesive.
Shall prevent loosening and subsequent “canning” (bubbling) due to contraction
and expansion, as will occur if rivets are used to fasten roof skin to roof bows.
To be coated with Tempcoat
- Provide and install one antenna bridge
- Provide and install one weatherproof access port for cabling
- Additional proprietary methods and materials
3.5 Roof Platform
- Provide and install one 8’ x 8’ roof platform with collapsible OHSA rails,
location to be determined, With rear access ladder
3.6 Exterior Finish:
- Scepter Series
- Full preparation to consist of all caulking, trimming, sanding, etching
(zinc chromate chemical etching agent) and all necessary steps to
ensure overall aesthetic “as-new” quality for functional life of vehicle
withproper on-going maintenance.
- All steel attach points will be treated with anti-corrosion agent and
isolated form all aluminum surfaces
- 2 coats primer and 1 coat white Aircraft-Grade Acrylic Polyurethane
DuPont Imron paint
- All bay door systems will be finish in side as described above.
- Body to be undercoated with anti-corrosion agent
3.7 Logo
- Per customer specifications
3.6 Axles and Suspension
3.6.1 Axle Configuration
- Shall incorporate Watson Chalin TA-250-16 Series Tandem axle
- Configuration (subject to change upon Engineering with Client)
- Shall be provided with Watson Chalin Air Ride System, TA-250-16 with
ABS, and rigid axle configuration
- 16” air bags, capacity of 22,500 lb. per single axle.
3.6.2 Wheels and Tires
- Aluminum 17/5” wheels with 215-75R-17.5 tires
- Polished aluminum outer wheels
- Anti Sail mud flaps
3.7 Proprietary Expanding Side Mechanism
3.7.1 Expanding Side Dimensions
- Trailer System shall include three (3) Expanding Sides
Dimensions to be determined targeted as follows
One (1) Curbside 112” long x 70” expansion
Two (2) Streetside 150” long x 70” expansion
One Large Proprietary Streetside Expanding System
3.7.2 Method of Operation
Manual Crank design shall be constructed such that ease of operation allows
one person to fully extend section with one hand; 9 turns, in no more that 20
- Proprietary construction shall operate by means of a manual crank, located at
the rear bulkhead of the trailer.
- The crank shall turn a tubular shaft that extends from the rear bulkhead to the
center of the expanding side drive shaft
- 2:1 gear reduction via chain drive fro crank shaft to drive shaft.
- The tube shall be connected to four (4) bearings; with two (2) linear bearings
at each end of the expanding section.
- This connection shall be rack & pinion, to ensure that each end of the
expanding section travels in a parallel fashion;
Expanding section shall remain square upon opening and closing.
- Large, Internal Security hardware, operating on a cam-style lever principle,shall aid
in sealing the Sure Glide section tight to trailer for travel
- Value Added Feature- Eliminates I-Beam Frames in the storage bays
3.7.3 Expanding Mechanism Floor Description
- Shall be comprised of six (6) folding panels by Plascore.
- Panels shall store folded against the interior wall of the expanding section.
- Each panel will be held in place by a large, tempered knobbed bolt, which
shall thread into a receiver securely fastened into the expanding section wall
Multiple panels (as opposed to one or two heavy, large panels), shall enable the
easy set up and strike of the expanding section floor manually.
3.7.4 Expanding Section Anti-Icing Measures
- Expanding Section roof shall be constructed with 2” slope from trailer outward
- A system of heating strips shall be employed to keep expanding section roof
free of ice and snow when extended.
low-wattage strips shall maintain the roof skin of the expanding
section within a temperature range of 45 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit
(fluctuation due to proximity of any given space on roof to location of
heat strip.)
Shall prevent snow/ice accumulation, in conditions ranging from
freezing rain to 6”/hour snowfall.
4.0 Undercarriage Storage Bays (Belly Bays)
Shall be integrated into the skirting around the perimeter of the vehicle,
beneath the chassis frame, such that the body is streamlined.
Quantity 5 to 7 Storage Bays shall be provided for each side of vehicle,
dependent upon Client needs in terms of size of each Storage Bay.
- Ground Clearance shall be 12” between Kingpin and Tandem axles
- Ground Clearance shall be 15-18” aft of rear axle
4.1 Special Design Features
- Bay floors shall be of “sweep-out” construction, with no
raised edges to pool water or obstruct loading
- Bays shall integrate a warning system for
door openings
- Bay interior to be obstruction-free with the exception of 1”
steel tube supports, which shall be in line with the exterior dividers
between the bay doors
- To include 3/8” x 4” “Rub Rail” guards that extend ½” laterally
beyond the bay doors for protection in cornering situations.
- To include 3/8” x 3” x 4” Skid Rail for thorough protection in bottom-out
4.2 Material
- 10-gauge T-6061 Aluminum
- 2” x 4”aluminum c-channel construction
- Bay interior to be constructed of .090 Aluminum to prevent load shifting,
and enhancing appearance when bay doors are open
- Aluminum structural integrity exceeds demands of Remote Television
- 800 lbs. lighter than similar Storage Bays constructed of Stainless Steel.
4.3 Weatherproofing/Security
- Furgocar 14” integral locking handles operating by a locking cam-style
lever mechanism.
- Perimeter of each bay door shall seat on 90 degree exterior surface
and trimmed in crushable gasket, rendering the bay waterproof.
- Doors shall be held in the “open” position by means of gas charged struts; the
geometrical positioning of which shall aid in both opening and closing.
- Hinges to be stainless steel, continuous piano hinges.
4.4 Equipment to be permanently stored in Storage Bays shall include:
Isolation Transformers, which shall surrounded by an expanded metal
screen, painted safety yellow.

Custom Designed Aluminum Power Frame, which shall contain
all power entry panels, tap switches, analog meters, and all other
elements of Main Power Control Panel. Rear of frame shall be protected
by means of an expanded metal screen painted safety yellow.
Extreme care in engineering shall be in place to insure a minimal
power system foot print.
- External warning system for open bays
5.0 Exterior Doors
- Quantity two (2) 32” wide personnel door
- Four (4) Sets of Keys
- External warning system for open doors
5.1 Personnel Doors, Entrance Stairs Construction shall incorporate:
- 2” x 2” x .125” T-6061 Aluminum Alloy square tubing
- .125 T-6061 Aluminum Alloy skin
- Door frame- Galvaneel Steel
- Reinforcement to prevent bowing shall be gained through use of 5” aluminum hat channel
- Shall be supplied with Yale panic-bar exit devices and LCN single-action track
door closers (with no protruding “elbow” extending into operations interior).
- Stainless steel plates shall be mounted beneath (hand wear) exit device and
at bottom of door (kick wear) to guard against wear upon repeated exits.
- Custom manufacture10-gauge aluminum “Grip Strut” safety grating expanded
metal stairs; stairs shall be full width (36”)
- Stairs for side personnel door to be automatically deployed via remote switch.
- Stairs for rear personnel door to be height adjustable by means of knurled
knob which shall fix sliding feet. No spring mechanism, which is subject to
corrosion, shall be employed.
- One (1) handrail shall be custom manufactured and provided for each set of
stairs; to be constructed of extruded T-6061 Brushed Aluminum Alloy round
tubing, .125” wall thickness.
6.0 Exterior Functional
6.1 Leveling System:
Provide and install Hydraulic leveling jacks
Capacity 55,000lbs
18” throw
84 sq. in. foot pad
Bubble levels at each corner of vehicle
Remote control
6.2 Exterior Lighting
6.2.1 Clearance Lighting shall be provided and installed
- All clearance lights as required by DOT Regulation shall be supplied
and installed
- Any required reflective strips shall be supplied
- Brake Lights, Tail lights, shall be provided and installed
- All tail lights, reverse lights, brake lights shall be recessed
- Includes high mounted LED tail lights
- All lights to be LED
6.2.2 Exterior Operations Lighting
- Strike Lighting
Provide and install eight (8) HID AC recessed strike lights
Locate two (2) at rear of trailer, four (4) at street side, four (4) at
6.2.3 Emergency Lighting
Red/Blue LED flashing warning lights on all exterior sides/corners of trailer
Whelen 90BBSFBR
6.3 Awning
- Provide and install two Girard 20409SC5 20’ side by side awnings
Automatic operation
Remote control
Wind sensor
6.4 Exterior Monitor
- Provide and install one (1) 50” Insigna NS-50L240A13 Exterior mounted flat
panel display
- Installed in a weatherproof I/O panel
6.4.1 I/O Panel/Breakout Panel Door
- Fabricate and install lighted enclosures for audio and video cable
bulkheads seated in vehicle exterior.
- Doors shall be constructed of .125 T-6061 Aluminum Alloy
- Shall consist of dual door construction:
The upper ¾ shall consist of a lockable, upward hinged door for
access to entire panel
The bottom ¼ shall consist of a downward hinging door such that it
shall be capable of being left open for cable access; though the panel
itself is inaccessible should the top ¾ door be locked. This enables the
panel to be secured, yet allows all exterior cabling to remain
- Shall for closure employ a Stainless Steel locking cam-style lever mechanism
- Shall employ gas-charged struts that will keep the door in an open position,
and shall be configured geometrically such that these struts will aid in both
opening and closing
- Interior hold-back latch shall be installed to allow partial opening of door for
cable access and limited panel access
- Perimeter of enclosure shall be a recessed flange, with crushable gasket to
ensure environmental security
- Bottom of enclosure between rails and exterior shall be sloped downward to
prevent any accumulation of rain or snow when open.
7.0 Interior Construction: Methods and Materials
Layouts included in this proposal will be designed to the clients required need
Final layout and determination of production area to be designed by Client and us upon 
engineering meetings to ensure that Client specifications and particular needs are met
7.1 Interior Frame Construction
All interior construction shall be fastened to .125” T-6061 Aluminum
Alloy joists and interior members
- Floor to be constructed of 3/4” Lite plywood
- Ceiling to be constructed of 3/8” Lite plywood
- Interior Sidewalls and Bulkheads to be constructed of 1/4” Space Age
Carbon Fiber Polymer and feather plywood
- All freestanding interior walls to be constructed of 3/8” feather grade plywood
7.3 Operations Area Construction
7.3.1 Mobile Command Area (OCPD)
- Pocket door with window and mini blinds
- One (1) 42’ LG 42CS560 flat panel display
- One (1) NEC-WMK-4655S smart board mount
- Required outlets
- Required Cat 6 ports & cabling
- Four (4) work station group
- Ten (1) high back swivel office chairs with restraints
- Conference table as specified
- Sonex ceiling
- Additional cabinetry with countertop on curbside wall
7.3.2 Fire Command Area (OCFD)
- Pocket door with window and mini blind
- One (1) 42’ LG 42CS560 flat panel display
- One (1) NEC-WMK-4655S smart board mount
- Required outlets
- Required Cat 6 ports & cabling
- Four (4) work station group
- Ten (1) high back swivel office chairs with restraints
- Conference table as specified
- Sonex ceiling
- Additional cabinetry with countertop on curbside wall
7.3.3 Dispatch Area
- Pocket door with window and mini blind
- Three (3) rack system
- Wispermat sound suspression
- Sonex ceiling
- Three (3) work stations
- One (1) 22” Samsung UN22D5003 flat panel display
- Three (3) high back swivel office chairs with restraints
- Required outlets
- Required Cat 6 ports & cabling
- Additional cabinetry with countertops on streetside wall Rack Construction
All EIA Standard equipment racks in vehicle shall be custom manufactured,
utilizing the below specified method. This provides infinite flexibility in
terms of rack dimensions and placement.
- Supply and install 3, or the quantity deemed necessary resultant of
engineering meetings, according to the accepted layout design, custom
equipment racks
- Rack rails shall be constructed of .125” steel
Steel construction provides greater support for equipment
Thicker gauge provides firmer and longer threaded surface for rack
screws to prevent cross-threading
Racks shall be tapped front and rear for industry-standard #10-32 rack
- Rack rails to be securely anchored to floor and ceiling and stabilized laterally
by means of welds to 3mm flat bar hot-rolled steel
- Racks shall be stabilized vertically by means of being fastened to the interior
- Racks shall be stabilized linearly by means of 10 gauge aluminum plates from
front rail to back rail in each rack
- Supply and install AC distribution strips in racks; shall be on individual circuits.
7.3.4 Galley Area
- Lower and upper cabinets with countertop
- Built in microwave oven
Secured coffee maker
5-Gallon hot and cold water dispensing device plumed to exterior drain
Paper towel holder
7.4 Interior Lighting
- All lighting for operations shall consist of dimmable, recessed, aimable
(Manufactured by WAC, Inc.) lights
Each bank of WAC lights shall be on an individual, dimmable circuit
Lighting shall operate on either DC via provided inverter, or shore AC.
Provide and install additional fluorescent lighting for rack maintenance
- LED set and strike lighting with red situation lighting option
7.4.1 Exit Signs
- Supply and install exit signs with battery backups
7.4.2 Emergency Lighting
- Emergency 12V lighting with battery backup
7.4.3 Safety Equipment
- As required smoke detectors
- As required fire extinguishers
- Set of three reflective safety triangles
- 20 industrial type first aid kits
7.4.5 Paging System
- Provide and install one interior paging system
One (1) Bogen DRZ35 Speaker
Six (6) Bogen S86T725PG8U
Two (2) Bogen SAH5
7.5 Fit and Finish
- All Custom Manufactured Furnishing to be oak, custom milled,
prepared, and finished
- Floors covering shall be Dura Step .125” rubber panels, pattern and color to
be determined by Client
- All exposed tabletops and console surfaces covered with 3mm horizontalgrade
Formica, color to be determined by Client
- Front edge of all consoles shall be fitted with edging consisting of rounded
oak (“bull nosing”)
- Walls and cabinets shall be covered with magnetic
dry erase
- Ceiling shall be Sonex Pyramid Acoustic Foam
Sonex Tiles shall reside in custom Light Oak Ceiling Grid
- Access floor panels to match to include aluminum
8.0 Environmental Control
8.1 Insulation
- Insulation factor on walls of R14 in concert with forced-air Air-Conditioning
system shall provide environmentally secure environment
- Provide and install full thermal insulation on outer walls, floor, doors and
Insulation to be Blue Dow 2” Owen Corning Polystyrene
Includes continuous vapor seal
PolySeal foam to ensure vapor-tight insular seal
- Insulation factors as follows: R14 walls, R14 ceiling, R14 floors, R9 doors,
and R2 door seals
8.2 Air Conditioning
- Mobile Air Conditioning System, with fresh air quietly ducted
directly into the equipment racks and personnel space. Fresh air shall
be supplied to personnel areas and racks via plenum in ceiling, return
shall be via sub-floor to ensure circulation directly through equipment
racks, such that environmental demands of HPA Equipment will be
accommodated. Air plenums shall be designed and installed to provide
redundancy should an air conditioning unit fail.
- Supply and install two (2) Dimplex 4-Ton Air Conditioning System
96,000 BTU Capacity
2-Stage Operation
Hot Gas Bypass
8.3 Heat
- Unit shall include integral 10,000 Watt heating unit
9.0 Electrical System
9.1 Power System
9.1.1 Power Source: Split Environmental & Technical
The Vehicle shall be powered by means of a 150A power source, 3 phase.
Shall be capable of being powered by means of:
- System shall provide two completely separate legs of AC;
Technical shall power all equipment, and specified receptacles
Environmental, which shall power all lighting, air conditioning,
and specified receptacles.
To include three (3) power meters in bay system, analog and
- Two (2) Hevi-Duty SOLA Isolation Transformers shall be provided and
One (1) 10kVA for Technical loads
80A circuit breakers integrated
One (1) 30kVA for Environmental loads
125A circuit breaker integrated
- Each Transformer shall be provided with tap selects
Voltage taps shall step through positions of 190, 200, 210, 220,
240,and 270 Volts.
Voltage tap shall be selectable by means of Kraus & Naimer Tap
Select switches
Voltage tap shall be selectable by means of Kraus & Naimer Tap
Select switches
Voltage Tap Selects shall provide maximum flexibility for powering Trailer
from most available on-site power sources.
9.1.2 Power Entrance and Monitoring
- Analog meters by Yokogawa shall be provided and installed adjacent to
the input connectors, monitoring:
Analog meters by Yokogawa shall be provided and installed on panel in
vehicle interior, allowing monitoring during operations of:
NOTE: We provide and recommend analog meters, as digital meter may not
function at extreme temperatures
- Supply and install two (2) 50' shore power cables
Entertainment rated 200A 600V
Provide one (1) “pig-tail”s
Supply and install Cam-lok power input connectors and panel, adjacent
to monitoring panel
9.1.3 Transmission and Termination
- All Electrical wiring to utilize THHN insulated stranded copper wire
All Electrical wiring to be numbered ends and length in strict
accordance to “as-built” drawings which shall be provided to the
All Electrical wiring shall be dressed in accordance with highest
industry standards
All wire runs shall be routed through EMT and flexible conduit.
- Provide and install Hubbell wall receptacles in Operations Interior
Receptacles powered by the Technical leg shall be white in color, and
complete with grounding to technical ground system
Receptacles powered by the Environmental leg shall be ivory in color
These outlets shall be located in areas specified by the Client in
Engineering meetings with us such that specific Client needs are met
- Sufficient receptacles, outdoor GFI receipticals
- Interior/exterior wiring and electrical items to have radio & magnetic
interference- Radio Interference Suppressor VDCA03
- External ground cable capability
9.1.4 Grounding
- Grounding of the technical equipment within the vehicle shall follow standard
grounding practices
9.1.5 Low Voltage System
- A 12V DC system shall be provided and integrated
Power Source for 12v DC shall be two (2) Group 27 deep cycle
batteries to be housed in a vented, anti-corrosive enclosure.
The DC distribution system will be fully fused and will power:
- Interior lighting, activated by a mechanical timer located at personnel door
such that interior DC powered devices will not be unintentionally left running
- The strike or set-up lighting system
- Lighting in Belly Storage Bays
- Audio/Video Bulkhead enclosures
- Provide and integrate Inverter/Charger
81-0153-12 Fleet Power 1500-12MP
Rated 1500W at 120VAC
Shall power all selected interior lighting
Shall power all selected exterior lighting
10.0 Generator
10.1 Provide and install one (1) 56kW Whisper Watt diesel generator
- Quiet Pack Integratio
- Full switch over system
11.0 Communications Equipment
- Integration of customer supplied communications equipment
- Prewired for CSE audio vision equipment, label all runs from rack to radio
- Off air reception Direct TV H25 antenna
- Cat 6 cabling and patch by Leviton
- Three (3) back-up cameras
- Three (3) Rhino CL-515SH600 Dome camera systems
- Three (3) wall mounted digital atomic NIST Clocks Traceable 1076
Price & terms : Please enquire using the email form below.
If you cannot find the vessel, crane, rig or equipment that you need,
please send us an email to stating your
requirements and we shall find it for you.
We can arrange delivery of equipment and towage of rigs and vessels where needed.
The details mentioned above are believed to be accurate but are not guaranteed.

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